Library Haul 31-10-2020

Library Haul 31-10-2020

Afternoon and HAPPY HALLOWEEN,

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Welcome to a new Library #1 haul! Thanks to my hubby for visiting the library for me.

As said last week when I got to the library to find my not fulfilled reservations 10 were suddenly in transit/transport. My hubby promised to pick them up for me (I have a hard time going outside these days, especially when I know it is a busy place).

I was at first worried they may not come in time for Saturday, not sure what is up at the library but it took them 5 days before the books got to this library (and believe me that is weird as the branch libraries are all like 15 minute away by car). I also tried some other reservations.. but again nothing happened. Well, one got fulfilled in the end. 😛

So I asked my hubby if, next to picking up my reservations, would make photographs of the new releases tables (and the theme table at the children’s department) so I could see if there was anything on there I wanted. In the end I found some more books thanks to that.

I cannot wait to start these books. Soon!

STATS: 21 books. 5 fiction, 5 picture books, 1 comic, 10 fiction.

NOTE: Just one isn’t on GR, that is because I found out that that was book 6 in the series.. so I didn’t read it (in Dutch it is book 4, don’t ask why).

Het glinstermeer by ?
Een echte held by Suzanne Wouda
Max Halters by Stefan Boonen, Melvin
Stoere Steffie en de tijdmachine by Annemarie Bon
Het pungelhuis by Annet Huizing
Winterwater by Susanne Jansson
Liefde is voor losers by Wibke Brueggemann
Oostzee Romance by Anita Verkerk
Outdoor Kids by Gerard Jansen
De duik by Sjoerd Kuyper

Heksje Mimi en de baby by Kathleen Amant
Bollie & Billie #4 by Jean Roba
Post voor Oscar by Lisa Manuels
Een huis vol lekkers by Felicita Sala
Prinses Nora by Marieke van Hooff
Prinses Arabella gaat naar de kapper by Mylo Freeman
Inkt by Ceciel de Bie
Ik maak mijn eigen boeken by N. Palmaerts
Muis in huis! by Russell Ayto
Er zit een alien in je boek by Tom Fletcher
Israel by Jutta M. Ingala

4 thoughts on “Library Haul 31-10-2020

    1. Go go to the library! Unless you are in lockdown and things are closed? It is definitely the time for it, curling up while the rain pitterpatters on the roof, a cup of tea or hot choco. Yum and yes.

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