Review for Behind You: One-Shot Horror Stories

Review for Behind You: One-Shot Horror Stories

Behind You: One-Shot Horror Stories, Horror, Monsters, Crawling, Shadow, Gray, Brian Coldrick, Graphic Novel, Horror, NOPE, Ghosts, Dead ThingsThis is an amazing graphic novel that will scare the wits out of you by simply giving you one sentence/ a couple of short sentence and a image to go with it.

I was reading blog posts when I bumped against this post by Northern Plunder which featured 5 horror graphic novel recommendations. I spotted this book and just knew I had to read it. Thanks for the recommendation!

This one is short but oh so so creepy. Really, it gave me some delightful and delicious goosebumps while reading. The premise is simple, we get one to a couple of short sentences and then move to the next page which features an image about what is said. In the image we see all sorts of horrors. Some small, some big, and some were just a big fat NOPE and had me wanting to shout to the characters on the pages to just fucking run and go go go get out of the house or whatever place this was taking place. Nowhere was apparently safe as we saw not just cute homes but also graveyards, stores, tunnels, paths.

It is very effective. I was at first wondering if it would work out, but it does. The author really managed with just a short bit of text and an image convey so much horror and spookiness. More than some of the Halloween books (here is a list of most of the things I have read) I have read so far. I was superspooked out.

The art was another one of my favs, the style was just perfection and definitely made those haunting words come to life. Which I am not sure I wanted in all cases. 😛

All in all, there is still a few days before Halloween is here, so get to reading this one. I would recommend it to all!

Behind You: One Shot Horror Stories, Counting, Creepy, Horror Behind You: One Shot Horror Stories, Monsters, Creepy, Horror

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