Review for Check, Please! Chirpbook

Review for Check, Please! Chirpbook

Check Please! Chirpbook, Check Please, University, Tweets, Bittle, Guy, Oven, Goose, Pie, Cup of Coffee/Tea, Cakes, Couch, Red shirt, Humour, Twitter, Funny, Hockey, Sports, University, Blue, Ngozi UkazuRead all of our favourite character, Bittle’s tweets as he traverses sophomore, junior, and senior year in university.

I just love Check, Please! and I was hyped when there was a new kick-starter around, this time for our cute Bittle’s tweets. Thankfully, getting the physical book wasn’t too expensive to get here so I decided to go for that tier. And finally the book is here! And I had a blast reading it.

Some years do get more attention then others, and yes, I did get a bit spoiled at how the series ended, given that I haven’t been able to read Year Four yet. But I guess we could have seen all those events happening anyway, so I don’t mind getting spoiled.

Now, I can hear you say, but don’t tweets get a bit boring after a while? I can say, that it was just a tiny bit boring, but mostly I was giggling, cheering, and just loving Bittle and his team. See him celebrate parties, make so many pies that his GPA may have crashed a bit, see him crush on Jack, see him and his other teammates have a laugh over that Jack, despite not that old, not knowing how social media and other things online work. See them be sad but also celebrate the people who graduate. We read about the various school subjects, plans for futures, and more. Those tweets are fun and engaging and I could see the stories just happen in front of me. Bittle will tell you every detail about the Haus, including fun conversations. I am so glad to go back to the world of Check, Please. Because I love these characters.

Oh, and it isn’t always Bittle tweeting. Sometimes he has to study, or sometimes there is a party and Bittle has to hand his phone away to someone so he cannot tweet. 😛

Next to tweets we got photographs (illustrated), comics, screenshots, and more.

This was such a fun and wonderful book and I am happy I got it! Now I just hope I can read the fourth year someday to complete it all.

Star rating, 5 stars

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