Review for Curse of the Wish Eater

Review for Curse of the Wish Eater

Curse of the Wish Eater, Blue, Spotlight, Teeth, Silly, Wishes, Children's Books, Green/White Letters, Frightville, Mike FordMy second Frightville and this time… be careful what you wish for.

I definitely want to read more of this series as I quite liked the first book, I am quite curious what the old man has to sell other than the doll (and now these teeth), what more strange things will happen. Dum dum dum.

Meet David, a boy with a big big family, a father who apparently doesn’t care. When he gets the teeth his first wish is, how absolutely surprising /s, is that he wants to be an only child. I was just shaking my head at this and saying no no no don’t do it. Because I had the nasty feeling that these teeth would mess things up so much.

From that moment we see how David tries to get his family back, because he really misses them. But as you can guess it is not so easy, because his next wish makes it all more complicated. I had a big of a laugh though at his wish. Yes, technically it should have ended as you would think… but come on you should know that those teeth are unpredictable and take a spin on your wish.

I really liked it when we meet with Tamyra and see what she wished for. She also quickly finds out those teeth are up to no good. I loved seeing the two kids combine their power and try to get things back. It never got really scary, though at times you do wonder how far the teeth would take it.

If anything it just got sillier with each page and the end definitely made it even sillier. I did think it is a shame as I had hoped that this one would be scary. Very scary. I still had fun reading… but I just wish it was better. The wishes could have taken a darker turn, way darker.

I will read the next book(s) because these books are short and fun. But I hope the next one is a bit scarier. crosses fingers

Star rating, 2 stars

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