Review for Death Sets Sail

Review for Death Sets Sail

Death Sets Sail, Murder MOst Unladylike Mystery, LGBT, Mystery, Egypt, Cruise, Historical Fiction, Travel, Robin Stevens, Young Adult, Gold, Scarab, Knife, SilhouettesThe final book in the Murder Most Unladylike and oh boy it is going with a bang!

This is the last book and boy, it wasn’t easy to get started on this one because I just didn’t want to series to be over.

In this one Hazel and Daisy go to Egypt. And not just them, but also Hazel’s family, Alexander/George, and Amina (who invited the girls). Of course as you can imagine we don’t just see the wonderful wonderful Egypt, but also there is a murder. A gruesome one with quite a lot of twists and turns.

I just love that this one takes place in Egypt and that we got to see many of the places I would love to visit. Not that this is ever going to happen with Corona and how dangerous it is in Egypt these past years. So I take everything with Egypt with a bigger hunger than before.

We meet a cult in this one, people who think that they are reincarnations of Egypts old rulers. Yep. I definitely was rolling my eyes at these people. Good Lord. And the way they acted. That is just not how things work. They messed up things with incantations, had some strange ideas about things. It was just a cult… a scam. I wasn’t a fan of any of the people in them. Yes, maybe the older lady Bartleby. I just felt sorry for her given it was clear she had dementia/Alzheimer. She kept forgetting things, making strange remarks.

The murder was exciting and WOW, I had lots of fun going with our gang to figure it all out. What had happened that fatal night, and who did it? I loved seeing our girls step up their game and loved how Mr Wong let Hazel do things and even helped them out at times. It was exciting and it got more and more exciting with each new thing we discovered. The murder sure was a twisty and turny one.

I am still not sure how I felt about May. On the one hand she helped, on the other hand I just found her annoying. She kept popping up at the most random of times and I was just rolling my eyes for most.

Then there is not just one romance plots.. but two! First up Daisy and Amina. I just love those two together and I had a giggle to how Daisy was trying to ignore her feelings and not do anything with it but in the mean time she was so fawning over Amina. I loved the moments that we clearly saw that Daisy was in love. It was cute to see Daisy, who always acts so grown-up and grand as if love is just something that doesn’t happen, go giggly, make eyes, and other things. I was rooting for her to finally see her feelings and do something. I loved Amina as well and I loved how she always had a reply answer back to Daisy’s words (like when Daisy said she didn’t want to get married and Amina found that a pity). I am so happy with this couple, they fit so well together.
And then there is Alexander and Hazel. Yep. She has been pining after him for quite some time, but he never saw her (or that is how it seems, who knows), but the last few books we saw a change. And in this one things get a bit more further and I was just so happy. I had a big big laugh when Alexander came on the ship, see how Hazel’s father reacts, see how Hazel reacts. It was just the best. And there were a couple of other moments that had me giggling because it was SO CLOSE and then Hazel ducked out. HAZEL! Don’t let that poor boy standing there. 😛

The ending was just WOW, it was well written and I was just on the edge of my seat. The way the girls revealed the murder, how it happened, and the suspects, and then what happens next. The last part just broke my heart, but also made it completely whole again with various fun things happening. Yes, that last part was a rollercoaster of emotions for me.

Now that this one is over… can we please have adult Hazel and Daisy solving mysteries together? Please? Pretty please! I would buy that in a heartbeat.

I will really miss this series. Daisy wasn’t always my favourite, but I just loved Hazel. I loved the various characters we meet. I just love that the last book in this series takes place in Egypt, one of my favourite and must go to countries. I would recommend this series to all.

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