Review for Diggersaurs

Review for Diggersaurs

Diggersaurs, Michael Whaite, Yellow, Dinosaur, Vehicle, Digger, Machines, Picture Books, Children's Books, Fun, FunnyMeet the diggersaurs! Here to build, dig, ground, pound, and all other things!

I read this one in Dutch, but decided to write my book in English. I love dinosaurs, but I also love building machines and this one combines both of that in a wonderful and fun way that will enchant people like me, but also definitely kids.

Throughout the 32 pages we meet all sorts of diggersaurs. Here, I do have to get the Dutch names as I have no clue what the English names would be. We meet the Grijpersaurus who eats cars and can, with its magnet tail, pick up cars (though this time he isn’t picking up the right ones, oops). Then there is the Scheppersaurus who loves digging and eating all the sand. Or the Boorosaurus who can drill tunnels with its amazing and strong tail! And so there are diggersaurs for each job and it was great fun to see each new diggersaur and how it looks.

But there is more to see then the diggersaurs. Accompanied on each page are workers. Tiny little workers who try to do their bit of the work, or get stuck doing something due to the diggersaurs. I often had quite a giggle and lots of fun finding them on the page and seeing what they are up to.

The ending had me smiling, that is such a fun way to end a day of work and I loved seeing the Diggersaurs go home to sleep so they would be ready for a new day.

The illustrations are just so much fun. The illustrator really managed to make the vehicles look like dinosaurs but also like vehicles. Often you can clearly recognise the dinosaur it is supposed to be and some definitely were more fantasy. There are tons of details that make each dinosaur unique and fun.

All in all, I had so much fun reading this. It made me very happy and that is just what I need at the moment. Something to make me forget the world. I would recommend this to all.

Star rating, 5 stars

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