Review for Don’t Let The Doll In

Review for Don’t Let The Doll In

Don't Let the Doll In, Frightville, Book 1, Mike Ford, Doll, Door, Doll peeking through door, Red/Yellow Letters, Spooky, Horror, Children's BooksWarning, this doll comes to life.. and is very interested in your life. Muhahaha.

My first Frightville. I bumped against this series on, I believe, Twitter and was instantly curious about it. I wanted more Halloween books and this one seemed right up my alley. So I got the first 3 books.

In this one a girl has made a gorgeous and beautiful dollhouse, but now she needs an occupant for it. She learns of a shop named Frightville (fabulous name btw) and she visits it. There she gets the doll Charlotte. I was already from that point shouting NOPE NOPE NOPE at my screen. Come on, the shopowner was odd (even more so with his name) and then he goes to the back of the store to some old case with old toys. I just knew it was a bad idea. I guess, maybe if the rhyme had worked, but really, do you think that kids will remember that? Or care for it? This is such a standard thing in horror books, especially for kids. The many times the kids didn’t care in Goosebumps, or in Are you afraid of the dark, or in Eerie Indiana. Do you want me to go? So I was just waiting to see what kind of spooky things would happen when one wouldn’t say that rhyme.

And spooky things happened. Though I have to say, despite this being about a doll coming to life and me being terribly afraid of that, it was only mildly spooky. Maybe a 3 on a scale of 10. But despite it not being that spooky it was a fun read and I had fun seeing how our MC would solve her wandering-around-at-night-problem and later she has another problem on her hands. I was rooting for our MC that she would get out and be able to solve things. Get back to her normal life again. No spooky dolls. Or well, I guess this girl is totally off dolls after this one. 😛

I loved the old ladies we met when our MC, as expected, goes back to the spooky store. I do hope they make another appearance in the next books.

While the ending is not original, it has almost become standard to put a twist in the end of a children’s horror story, I still found it well done and I was grinning ear to ear. That was a good way to end it!

All in all, a good first book, definitely has me curious for the next books. I would recommend it.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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