Review for Final Girl

Review for Final Girl

Final Girl, You Kokikuji, Horror, Survival, Parody, Humour, Girl, Underwear, Shorts, Bike Saddle, Spray Can, Bandages, Hair Accesoires, Blonde, Warning Tape, Blood, MangaA guy is just checking out the newest poster for a horror movie when he finds himself transported to the world of classic horror movies. Have fun surviving!

I confess honestly that what pulled me in first was the cover. blushes But then I saw the blurb and knew I had to try it out as it sounded like this could be a scaryhilarious read. And it was!

Meet our hapless hero who is reading an article on 10 things NOT to do when you find yourself in a horror movie (eerie premonition there and all the flags are going up). He then has to get snacks (because apparently no one else can), walks past the cinema (where he sees the horror movie) and loses consciousness. Next thing he knows he wakes up somewhere else… and as a hot girl. And from that moment he has to do all he can to make sure he doesn’t die first… because he is the, as that is called, slutty character. Yep, the one who always dies first… and yes generally during sex.

What follows is a hilarious but also scary and exciting trip as he tries to stay alive and also make sure that everyone else stays alive as well. He quickly strategizes and tries to remember the list that he just read before he got sucked into the world. I had such a big laugh each time he remembered something new or when he tried to dodge the serial killer. I loved that he immediately went along with the girl who was destined to be The Final Girl aka the girl who always survives.
The story gets more crazy, hilarious but also scary as things heat up and the killer gets closer and closer.

Then there is the ending and I just laughed so much harder. OMG, why did you do that? And why do I want another one-shot featuring this new story? 😛

The art was great, I really loved the designs of the characters, the facial expressions were on point, and it was just fantastic. There is a bit of fanservice but it fits perfectly with the story.

I had tons and tons of fun reading this one and I think the premise is creative and original. I would recommend this fun parody with scares and laughs to everyone.

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