Review for Frankie and the Creepy Cute Critters

Review for Frankie and the Creepy Cute Critters

Frankie and the Creepy Cute Critters, Caitlin Rose Boyle, Green, Eyes, Snake, Girl, Wing, Faerie, Pet, Animals, Red Letters, Graphic Novel, Cute, Animals, Field Guide, FantasyI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Just like Dead Dudes this was one of the two graphic novels I requested some months ago and was waiting to read until it was the right time. And now that it is finally October I can start! This one looked very adorable and I was eager to get started.

I am a bit tired so I will write a review as I read.

The beginning was already perfect, Frankie is just like me. Hiss hiss at the alarm clock and anyone who dares wake me. 😛 Though OK, I wasn’t so eager to go to school, but I am guessing Frankie’s school is just amazing. Ah, we find out that it is her first day at school, then I can imagine she is excited.

OMG, this girl got a stuffed to the brim Field Guide, I am definitely curious to see what is in there and what kind of finds she did and what kind of things she will discover in her new town. I can’t wait to meet some critters!

Oh no, those horrendous kids. Just because Frankie isn’t your average fairy (she looks more like a bat to me) doesn’t mean you have to be rude and hurt her. I hated that the teacher just told the class to settle down instead of talking more clearly to them. If I was that teacher? I would have definitely told everyone that bullying is bad. And some other things. 😐

We see her go outside to do the one thing she loves, the one thing that distracts her from all from the horrible school experience. I had a bit of a laugh how she dismissed everything, and I could imagine. She had a crummy day. She is pissed. But I am happy that eventually she found something that brings her joy, and we did get a peek at her field guide and saw how she is adding things to the pages as she discovers new things. OH I love this girl! As the pages continue she adds more and more information, fun illustrations, and other fun titbits. I love it.

Haha, that possum had me laughing so hard. This is one of the best quotes: “My guide says that possums play dead when they’re scared!!! And babies are kind of bad at it! Aww, you tried baby!” I loved how that scene continued, it had me smiling broadly.

I loved when the mom came home she listened to her kid, she talked to her about what happened at school, looked through the fieldguide together, and some other things. Often in books you see moms who are busy and tired just don’t have time for talking, but this mom makes time for her daughter. Also, I am now hungry for tacos. Argh!

The ending was just fantastic. GO GO Frankie! Show them you weren’t lying!

I wish we had the creatures that Frankie found in my country, but those are only found in the US. Oh well. 🙁

The art was just so fun and cute, I love the style and I love the colours used.

Now I just got one more thing to say, I want more of this girl. More field guides, more adventures!

Star rating, 5 stars

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