Review for Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom, Vol.7

Review for Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom, Vol.7

Hana-Kimi: For You In Full Blossom, Julia, Blonde, Girl, Woman, Manga, Romance, LGBT, Boarding School, Shoujo, Red LettersJulia has a proclamation and the schools go on a school trip!

This was a really fun volume, though I wasn’t always happy with things. Like how Ashiya really never understands that she has to be careful, she just went into the hot springs without carefully checking if anyone was there (just looking around quickly and a bit of shouting is not going to be enough). Again, it is magical that Sano is there (as always) but who knows, it could have been someone else.. sighs

I loved seeing the places they visited, loved learning more about Sano, loved seeing this group of friends do all sorts of fun things together and see the pictures they made along the way, I so want to visit a hot spring, the food looks good. I had a laugh over our teacher who is always looking dashing and flirting with guys left and right (and had a bigger laugh when Ashiya stumbled upon him and his newest flirt in the baths).

I do love seeing Sano and Ashiya together and I do hope that Sano confesses for once, because it is just getting superridiculous in my eyes. He clearly likes her, we see that with everything he does, but also due to the POV from himself. And I get this is shoujo, so I know what I signed up for, but come on, 7 volumes later, I want it.

Julia’s planning to get Ashiya and Sano together was cute, I hope she may have more luck with Sano confessing to Ashiya.

I wasn’t happy with Julia and Nakatsu constantly bickering, or well, he being pretty much an asshole and Julia is not a girl who let’s that shit be thrown at her. But yeah, it got annoying real fast and I just wanted to throw Nakatsu out, but then again, I have been wanting to do that with each volume so far, it is just getting worse with each of it.

I had a laugh at Minami trying hard to woo Julia, though I would think he should just give up or try another tactic, at times it was just NOPE or cringe.

The art was fun and cute!

On to the next volume soon. I still got 2 volumes of this one left on my shelves, after that I will either have to get the rest of the physical volumes… if I can find them. Or get them digitally.

Star rating, 4 stars

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