Review for Higurashi When They Cry: Cotton Drifting Arc, Vol. 1

Review for Higurashi When They Cry: Cotton Drifting Arc, Vol. 1

Higurashi When They Cry: Cotton Drifting Arc, Vol. 1, Shion, Mion, Green Hair, Skirt, Tie, Blouse, Blood, Ryukishi07, Yutori Houjyou, Horror, Manga, Halloween, Spooky, Murder, MysteryIt is time for a new Arc in the Higurashi series, this time to Cotton Drifting Arc.

I just love re-reading Higurashi again, and this time during Halloween. Just perfection! In this one the stage is being set for the big finale and action and horror in the next one. We get clear hints something is wrong with strange eyes, strange behaviour and other things. We see that things aren’t always so cute and sweet in this town and its neighbouring town (which I loved to see again).

We also learn about Mion’s sister, Shion. Yes, I was so hyped that this Arc is about the twins. I had quite a lot of fun seeing how Keiichi got confused and how he didn’t believe Shion was Shion until he also met Mion. That moment just had me in stitches. Now he had to believe. But then still the question remains… who is the to say Shion is Shion and who is the say Mion is Mion? 😛 Yep, I keep it confusing as that is also what this book was doing. Calling Mion/Shion with “Mion” or “Shion”. I get that Keiichi wasn’t believing it, and I can imagine, but still it got quite a bit confusing for my mind.
I love the twins, while I am not always a fan of tomboy Mion (or is it Shion) because of how she acts and her perverted things, I do love the elegant (but also quite without shame) Shion (or is it Mion). Hehe, I love writing this. Make it all the more confusing for everyone.

Keiichi has a lot to learn about girls. Just because we act like a guy or act tough doesn’t mean we don’t like cute things. I hope he learned a lesson, and otherwise I am sure Rena can teach him, kukukuku. 😛

We learn a few more things about the Dam accident that we also learned in the previous arc. I just love how different each Arc is but how they got the base details the same. We even see the mention of the sewing needle in the food from the first Arc.

I loved seeing the characters bond and become more and more friendly, though I felt for Keiichi as he always pulled the short stick in the games. Poor guy, always stuck with penalty games. Or it turns into a penalty game because he gets cocky. You would think he learns. But no. 😛

The volume ends just as the festival is coming to a climax. I cannot wait to read about it and see how things go from there. It has been 8 years so a lot of details have escaped my mind. I am preparing my stomach because I know things will get gorier with each volume.

Star rating, 5 stars

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    1. Yeah, it fits really well with Halloween, I didn’t even notice! Thank you, I am really happy I decided to re-read this amazing series!

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