Review for May Day

Review for May Day

May Day, Josie Jaffrey, Vampires, Romance, LGBT, Love Triangle, Castle, Red, Girl, Long Hair, Corruption, Mystery, Murder,I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

It took me almost 2 weeks, but I did finish it. It was an amazing and fun book, but for some reason I just couldn’t read more than 40 pages a day, if I could read at all. I don’t know why, but this happens with books at times. I love most to everything, but yet something is stopping me from reading.

I am going to write a review, or try. Sorry if it is a bit chaotic though.

This book is about Jack Valentine (AWESOME name) who along with her team of Seekers has a murder to solve. Yep, someone was murdered in a gruesome way and it is up to Jack and her colleagues to find out what happened to the guy and if it is connected with murders that happened in London earlier. However as the story progresses the web expands and it becomes quite a tricky thing that may rumble the Silver foundations. I really loved reading how it went from just a murder mystery to something much more. Corruption, who is on the good side, and who isn’t? It really became very much exciting. I am also glad that Jack eventually gave up on Drake on that he had something to do with it, because DANG that sure got annoying after a few times. I get her feelings towards the guy, but this is just not professional or OK.

I also liked reading about Jack’s colleagues and we do find out plenty about them which had me very happy. Some books don’t care that much about their side characters, but this one sure does. I liked reading about Naia, Boyd, Cam, Ed. Especially Naia and Cam, those were my favourite side characters. I just love the relationship/friendship that Cam and Jack had, it was so sweet.

We do find out a ton about our murder victim, and I am not sure if I wanted to know all the details. I don’t want to spoil too much, but oh no, this guy.. Nuhuh. With each part we found out new things and with each new thing I just wasn’t sure I wanted to know more. The whodunnit was well done and I wasn’t surprised it was THAT person.

I loved reading about Silver and who and what they are. Not your standard vampires and that had me delighted. While I do love standard vampires, I always like it when people take a different spin on it. Plus, I had a big laugh at Jack’s drink concoctions. 😛 OH boy.

Jack was a pretty great character, though at times I was surprised she was that old as it seemed she had stayed stuck at 17-18. Her behaviour certainly screamed that for quite a few times during the book. I loved that Jack was bi!

The love triangle, well everyone knows how I feel about those. Not happy. I was looking forward to Tabes and Jack, but instead the book was a lot of Jack and Drake. I am glad that Jack did feel guilty towards Tabes… but still. Poor Tabes.

I wanted to shake Jack for making a remark about wedding rings. Great you don’t like them, find them archaic and what else. but no need to act so crude towards those that do like wedding rings. I like wearing my wedding ring, I love having my hubby’s name. Leave me alone. Thanks.

The few pages before the what the fuck ending were exciting and definitely set the tone for the next book. That along with some other events before it, I am sure the next book will be a ride.

The ending, or to be exact the last few pages… mm, not entirely sure how I felt about that. I am a bit conflicted. I do understand Jack’s feelings on it, plus, I am a woman myself. But on the other hand it was a bit too overkill, just like the first time it happened.

I definitely want more Jack Valentine! I want more Silver. And I want to know what is next given what our Seekers uncovered in this one. This was an exciting rollercoaster of a book and I am glad I had the chance to read it, and even get a physical copy (signed) which is pretty rare to get.

Star rating, 4 stars

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