Review for Minecraft Vol.1

Review for Minecraft Vol.1

Minecraft, Volume 1, Sfé R. Monster, Sarah Graley, Boys, Girls, Fighting, Minecraft Game, Gaming, Friendship, Clouds, Graphic Novel, Adventure, Magic, ColourfulFriendship, Minecraft, a quest, and more!

I wanted to read this book and I was delighted when my library had it… In Dutch though, but I will take it! The biggest reason why I was eager to read it is because of Sarah Graley who just has this amazing style!

In this one, and if the names are off that is because I am using the Dutch edition’s names, David has moved houses, but thankfully he lives in this age and day so he can pop online to see all his friends. And they all gather in Minecraft at the base they made. I just loved it and I loved seeing how his friends tried to make David happy. Because he isn’t having fun at his new school, no friends, and he just wants to be home.

I just loved seeing Minecraft and seeing the friends have the best of time there. Making all sorts of things (I just adored their base) and going on dangerous and scary quests that most probably won’t try out yet. It was all very exciting and I was happy I could come on the quest with them to the End, and to other places. While I still have no motivation to actually play the game, I do love reading about the world and everything that you can do there. So many adventures!

There was a moment of drama with David when things went wrong with those stones, and I was worried this would be a big thing, thankfully things are solved relatively fast so I was happy with that.

Later on David even finds some people from his new school and I was so happy to see that happen because that meant he may find his place in his new home/new world. I also loved that his friends also accepted this trio.

I just LOVED LOVED Carice and Lisa! They were so cute together, made an epic duo together, kicking butt left and right, and I was shipping them like mad.

And then there is the gorgeous and fun and lovely art by Sarah Graley and well, I guess you guys can guess that I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. She has such a fun and expressive style and I loved seeing her version of Minecraft.

I am also happy with the extras at the end. Sketches, details on characters, covers, and more.

All in all, this is one book I very much enjoyed and which I would recommend to all. I will definitely be adding the English version to my shelves when I can.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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