Review for Monster Delights 1. The Heart Of Winter

Review for Monster Delights 1. The Heart Of Winter

Monster Delights (1. The Heart Of Winter), Sylvain Dos Santos, Mariam Hachmi, David Raphet, Clouds, Snow, Cold, Pastries, Girl, Boy, Monsters, Children's Books, Graphic Novel, Blue,I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I spotted this adorable looking book on Netgalley and quickly clicked the read now button to get to reading this one!

Meet Chris, a hardworking boy who loves making pastries and can make them beautifully (really he made me very hungry with all he could whip up in this book). He really has a skill to make them. Too bad his boss is a insert some mean words. One day when making 300 (!!!!!!!) pastries he meets a critter that steals one of it. Naturally, because why not hey?, Chris dives after it which had me in stitches as it just seemed so silly that he didn’t even think about it one moment. He enters a cold but wonderful new world (named Fridgebottom which had me thinking of Bikinibottom and that is what stuck with me) with plenty of rules… including one about humans. I would hope that the next volume dives a bit deeper into the whys of that.

We meet a girl named Hannah who has also makes pastries but can also do magic. I instantly was a fan of the girl and I found myself rooting for her. Because just like Cinderella, she has the mean aunt and the mean nieces/siblings/whatever they were who are always on her case and making fun of her.

I loved this world and seeing who and what lives in there, and I also loved the contest our duo enters. I was definitely constantly rooting for our duo and I just loved all the ideas they thought up for the contest and then ultimately loved what they picked. That is so creative, so fun!

I just LOVE that there are recipes added and I love that they were edited by the characters themselves with notes, additions, corrections, etc.. I would love to try out one or two, though I would have to convert some measurements to fit EU stuff.

The art is just so cute and fluffy and I love the style, it fits so very well with all the warm pastries that are being made in this book.

I am curious what is going to be happening next as the story isn’t over yet and Chris has made a big (and wise) decision. So I definitely want to try out Monster Delights 2. Not just to see what will happen next but also because I need more pastry love in my life. And I would recommend this one to all.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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