Review for Survivor Song

Review for Survivor Song

Gray, Doctor, Dandelion, Survivor Song, Paul Tremblay, Horror, Pandemic, Zombies, Post Apocalyptic, Mystery, Pregnancy, Survival,Welcome to a world where getting rabies means you are very screwed. Follow Ramola and Natalie as they try to find safety for Natalie and her unborn child.

I wasn’t sure if I was up for this book with all the pandemic and this one being about an outbreak of rabies only more extreme. AKA, if you got bit? Well you are screwed. Unless you got bit in your toe and got to a hospital fast enough. Otherwise bye bye. There is a reason why I have no zombie horror books on my lists as I just cannot stomach that at this time. My mental health is already messed up as it is no need to add some more plagues to it.

In this book we have Natalie (the pregnant mom who gets bit) and Ramola (her best friend and a doctor). We see them try to get Natalie to safety… and later try to at least get her baby to safety. But the way isn’t one of ease. The landscape is drastically changed and danger lurks everywhere.

I loved both characters though I have to say that Natalie was my favourite out of the two. She was just so sassy and despite all that happened she tried to stay herself. Ramola was also a good character and I loved how dedicated she was to her friend. I loved reading about both characters and get more information on how they met, how long they have been friends, and what they have been doing in life.

There are many scary moments in this book, from how Natalie’s husband got bitten to the parts in the hospital to later parts. The people with rabies were just freaking scary. They not only were totally gone and rabid, but at times they were reciting random things, like in this part:” A woman shouts from above, “She had great power and was dreaded by all the world.” The door slams shut and then swings open without pause. “Surrounded by a high wall,” she says singsong, lilting at “high” and separating “wall” into two syllables. Her voice is the same tone and pitch as the alarm and it sounds like there are two of her. The woman continues shouting between the pistonlike opening and closing of the door. Let it cost what it will cost.”
Yep, these peeps with rabies are just a bit fat NOPE and need to be avoided at all times. They will eat and rip and tear.
I am glad that it didn’t went the way with zombies, here if you died you just died. Done.

My heart just broke when Natalie started making voice records for her unborn child. Seeing her talk to her baby so that at least it would have her voice to listen was just so sad. I felt for her. She knew she probably never would meet her baby. The things she told her unborn child were honest, hilarious, and sweet. I loved that she gave the child all sorts of tidbits about her and Paul so that the kid would at least know a bit about mom and dad.

As the story continues we see Natalie be less and less herself, and it was just frightening me. I felt for Natalie, but also Ramola, who both tried to stay happy, to stay positive, despite all the signs clearly pointing to something else. The author did a great job on showing how things progressed with Natalie. It was so well written!

I have to say I was pretty pissed at how the people on the bus treated her. Yes, she is changing, yes she may become dangerous, but she still carries an unborn HEALTHY child in her belly. Be a bit more kinder.

I loved the ending and I loved that we got to see how it went with the world or I should say the US as the rabies stuff was only there, someone special, and two other characters. My heart broke though for what Ramola had to choose and what she had to do. I can only imagine how hard that was for her. How it completely broke her, I wonder if she can ever come over what happened.

The writing style is just absolutely lovely. Lyrical and fun and scary, with plenty of memorable quotes. Sometimes when the writing style is the way it is it feels pretentious, but in this one it just fit perfectly and made it all the more scary and exciting. You could feel all the hopelessness, but at times also the hope that maybe things would still be all right.
Plus, I learned some new words! Yay!

I could probably talk for hours about this book, but I will keep at what I said here so it doesn’t get too long. This book just grab me, this book was amazing. I would highly recommend this haunting tale.

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    1. I would highly recommend it. It is not a classical zombie story though, because the people stay dead if they die. But the part before that is definitely zombie behaviour. I hope you enjoy the book if you read it!

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