Review for The Alphabet’s Alphabet

Review for The Alphabet’s Alphabet

Chris Harris, Dan Santat, The Alphabets Alphabet, Colourful, Letter, Picture Book, Children's Book, Education, Fun, Building, CoverI received this book from the tour host in exchange of an honest review.

I just love books about alphabets. It is always fun to see how people make the alphabet fun and new and how they learn kids their A,B,Cs. I have seen all sorts of books, from fruits to jobs. I just love how creative everyone is with the alphabet and that there are tons of books for kids (and parents) to pick from. And I do hope that this book, and other English books about alphabets, will get translated to Dutch one day.

In this one we see how all the letters, from A to Z, can look like each other. How that works? Well, for instance, let’s pick the first example. The A does look like an H but instead of being straight his upper parts are pointing together. C an indeed be a G if you leave the beard/moustache on. And so we see how each letter in the alphabet looks like another letter (well, OK, almost all letters). Some I didn’t even think were related in a way, but the author and illustrator have me convinced now. I had a big giggle while reading this book. Well, a giggle? At times it was just a full blown laugh. Because this book was delightfully silly and fun.

I loved seeing each image and see not just why the letter is different, but also get a scene along with it. We see B walking out of the fitting room, F is doing fitness. I hope this makes sense. My head is not OK on this late September day.

I definitely want to show this one to my hubby because I know he will also be laughing.

The art was, as expected, fantastic. Dan Santat did it again. I just love his art style.

All in all, this is a fun educational book with tons of laughter and giggles with a a delightful ending that fitted so well. I also love the coded message at the end. Oh, and I definitely approve of the begin and end pages of the book which show you how to write the letters. Big pluspoint! Not only can the kids learn about the letters in a reading way, but also in a writing way. Recommended to all.

Star rating, 5 stars

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