Review for The Daring of Della Dupree

Review for The Daring of Della Dupree

The Daring of Della Dupree, Natasha Lowe, Brown, Gold, Horse, Bird, Duck, Girl, Spoon, Ladle, Bowl, Castle, Horse, Fantasy, Witches, Time Travel, Children's Books, Cute, WitchesI received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review!

I was so excited when I got a request mail from the author, I really liked the first book so I was more than happy to try out this book. It sounded like Della would be a character I would love, and I was curious about her adventures in the Middle Ages.

Meet Della, a timid girl who loves daydreaming. When she has to do a project for school (urgh, always hated projects that you have to do in front of the whole class) she decided to time travel to get some more information on her namesake. Yes, the famous Della Dupree after whom she is named.

I quickly knew who this great Dupree was especially after some more hints. Throughout the book I was wondering how long it would take Della herself to find out. Would she find out? I can tell that it took her a bit too long to finally discover the truth, however on the flipside, the timing for it was just right. It was the right moment for her to realise. I hope that makes sense.

I loved it that Della took the unconventional path. Instead of just making something out of books or what she has heard, she goes to time travel. To the time when Ruthersfield was funded. To the time of witches being hunted and being unsafe.

Della was already a fab character but I can tell you that she grew on me even further as the story continued. As she learned new things, as she got stronger, as she gained more confidence. I loved seeing her with the little witches and try to help them out. I loved how she was a part of something bigger and how she helped make the world better. Even though she probably didn’t know that until the end. And I loved that with that knowledge she was brave and stood her ground when she came back to her own time in the end. I was so proud of her and I loved her presentation. Especially that last sentence, oh if only everyone knew. giggles Then there is the talk with the director, and oh my. 😛

Not sure how I felt about Tom Foolery, my appreciation for the guy went a bit higher at the end of the book and we learn some more things about him. But still I found him quite rude. He did some bad things in this book.

Then there is Ivan and was a big fan of him. He is a sweet boy who just wants to follow his passion but needs some courage and sweet words to find out that it is possible to step up against his dad. I was rooting for him. And I loved how he supported Della, even after finding out she is a witch.

I loved all the magic and the spells (they were so cute and fun). I loved reading about Pots Bottom and how it was in that time. I loved seeing the girls fly. I loved that anything with the wood that resonates with you works (even stools and ladles).

And of course I cannot forget the tiny witches and Dame Bessie! Such fabulous characters and I loved them all. I felt sorry for the tiny girls whose magic just popped up and it wasn’t making their life easier. Especially not in a threatening world like this. Dame Bessie was fantastic and I loved what she taught all the girls and how eager she was to help them out.

There is tons of excitement, magic, and tons of lasagne near the end! Win their hearts with food and fixed clothes! I loved how Della stood her ground and explained everything to everyone. That took guts and I was delighted to see how much she grew.

I loved the ending and seeing how it fared with Della. We see what happens in her future and I am so happy that this was added.

I am also happy to read about the other characters (Poppy and Cat) and how it is going with them.

Phew, I could probably talk more about this book. I just had so much fun reading this one. I think I have said the main points that I wanted to say, so I will keep it at this. I would recommend this one to all. And another big thanks to the author for this opportunity!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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    1. Aww, thank you! *blushes* I am happy to read that my love is shining through, it was such a wonderful book! You’re welcome, thank you for commenting~

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