Review for The Haunted Key

Review for The Haunted Key

Frightville, Book 3, The Haunted Key, Yellow/Blue Font, Purple Wood, Key, Ghosts, Mystery, Moving, Bed and Breakfast, Children's Books, HorrorA girl, a key, a new spooky house, and something is in the attic!

The third Frightville book and I just love how this little store is in so many places. So far we have seen it in a mall, in a shopping street, and in this tiny little town. I am quite curious to see how the store works and I would actually love a prequel book telling us how the owner started. Is he cursed? Does he actually like doing this job? What is his STORY?

Back to this book. Meet Sofia, a girl who has moved to a big house. Her dad has plans for it to turn it into a B&B. She finds something in the attic and later on even gets it open which causes a lot of spooky things to happen. Well, not scary spooky things. More sad given the history of the ghost and how the ghost just wants to move on. But it was exciting to read, that is something all these Frightville books have, they are often not scary but you also just want to read on to see what will happen next and most importantly, how will it end. Because not all of them end the way you may think.

Sofia was an amazing character and I loved how strong and brave she was. How she thought up ways to help Fred, to find out what happened at the Fever House, and more. She never gives up.

The ending to this story was a very sweet one, again, adding to that it wasn’t scary. But I was still very happy with it and it brought a smile to my face.

There are tropes I don’t want. And this book features one of them. The single father meets a strange woman in town who he falls in love with (by magic of her of course) and he turns into an obnoxious annoying person who doesn’t seem to care about his children’s thoughts or worries. I may have liked it the first time I saw it, but it just happens to often, and not just in books. Not my trope.

The book also isn’t scary. For something called Frightville I had hopes for scary stories that would scare the wits out of me, but even Goosebumps is scarier than this. I am sorry. But nothing about the book was scaring me. Yes, sure, at first when we didn’t know what went bump in the attic, but after that all the fear just dissipates. But Mehsi, you aren’t a child. Oh, believe me. I read Goosebumps, Fear Street, other horror books when I was a child. I watched Eerie Indiana and Whose afraid of the dark?. Those were scary or at least creepy.

There is still one more book… I am just not sure if I will get it/read it. For now, no. But maybe next year at Halloween I will get it, maybe there are more books then.

Star rating, 3 stars

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