Review for the House on Cold Hill

Review for the House on Cold Hill

The House on Cold Hill, Book 1, Horror, Ghosts, Spooky, Gruesome, Deaths, Peter James, Haunted House, Paranormal, Mystery, Spooky, House, Orange Letters, Peter JamesWelcome to Cold Hill House… You will never leave… there is no escape.

I read the first book during my vacation, sadly my vacation library didn’t have the first book in their collection so it was waiting to get home. And then waiting until I could find time to read the book when I finally had the book from the library here. 😛 Which took a bit long.

But definitely worth the wait. Yes, due to reading the second book first I knew what was going to happen to the inhabitants of the house, how they would go. But other than that there was plenty of new. Meet Ollie, Jade, and Caro. A happy family. The parents, well, especially Ollie, love taking over ramshackle houses and make them beautiful. But they should definitely have stayed away from this house.

But before we see the family move in we get a gruesome chapter in which we find out what happened to the family before them. OH MAN, that definitely set the tone for the story and shows that this woman isn’t about to let things go.

The book got more and more creepy with each passing day. We see mostly the old angry lady float and pass by, but we also get to see other ghosts. Given the history (we learn more about the house and the inhabitants which had me squee) I was missing some ghosts, but we learn that there have been exorcises in the past, which probably explains that.
The angry old lady was definitely the creepiest and the scariest, how she was always lurking around, flitting by, or just standing behind you. shivers

This was definitely not a book to read in the middle of the night, but I couldn’t sleep and wasn’t in the mood to head to my library attic to grab another book. It also didn’t help that the dates matched the current years date/days which made everything way spookier.

I was a bit frustrated with our family though. Especially Ollie. He knew that something bad was going on and just kept on living in the house. Later on the same stupidity happens from Caro. I am sorry that you don’t have any money. I am sorry that you are kind of in debt (though if you had read the survey/report a bit better, you would have known). But come on. So many FREAKING CLUES and creepy happenings and you just stay? Even when people clearly tell you to MOVE MOVE MOVE IT. When your dead aunt persists that it is a freaking bad idea to stay? Hello? But, that is something that frustrates me in many stories about ghosts and haunted house. Either people don’t believe it until it is too late, or they know and just don’t leave until… well…

Oh, and don’t think it is just the people in the house that are cursed. If you piss off the ghost it doesn’t matter where you are.

Just like the last book it does get a bit weird and strange at the end and I still have a couple of questions left about it.

But all in all, a spooky and fantastic read and I would recommend it to all. Hopefully this writer will write more stories about this house… or other spooky stuff.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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