Review for The Sun Down Motel

Review for The Sun Down Motel

The Sun Down Motel, Logo, Sign, House, Road, Vacancy, Simone St. James, Ghosts, Paranormal, Horror, Motel, SpookyTwo timelines, past and present. A killer. Ghosts. A girl and her aunt. Be prepared for a spooky read that will keep you up!

I loved Simone St. James previous mystery/paranormal book and so when I saw this one at the library (YES) I knew I had to try it. And boy oh boy oh boy, this was just as amazing as her previous book. It blends the paranormal with murder, serial killers with scary ghosts. Once again past and present which will eventually intertwine.

This time we have the past featuring Viv or Vivian, she is the one from 1982. Then there is Carly, she is Viv’s niece and her timeline is 2017. 35 years stand between them. Will Carly find out what happened to her aunt, will we as the reader find out what happened to her aunt? And what is going to happen to Carly now that she keeps digging.

It has taken me some days, other reviews have gotten written, other reviews are done. But I just couldn’t get the words out for this one. The amazingness. I will give it a try though, but bear with me as it may be a tad confusing. 😛 My feelings are just all over the place.

The first chapter just set the tone for the book. You knew things were going to go down and that we would slowly discover what had happened that led to the events of the first chapter.. and what happens afterwards.

I just ADORED the two timelines and seeing how each girl went through the Sun Down Motel’s creepy things. See each girl discover what is happening in the motel, but also what is going on in the town. Because something isn’t right with the town. In 1982 there is a serial killer running around. Or well, Viv knows for sure it is a serial killer while the police just thinks it is all coincidence that a couple of women have died. Viv goes totally into the research, maybe a bit too much at times and I was often quite worried about her. Eventually I had a suspicion on why and how she disappeared. And no, I won’t tell you what happened. Just read this book. 😉

Then there is Carly in 2017 who after the loss of her mother a year ago decides to find her aunt, or at least find out what happened to her 35 years ago. She sees the same things at the motel as her aunt (and probably many others did). And she comes across the murders. Just like her aunt she is trying to figure it all out, along with finding out what happened to her aunt. How it all ties up together was well done.

There is tons of spookiness. Not just with the serial killer walking around, strange people popping up at the motel asking for a room, but also with the motel itself which is haunted in very creepy ways. There are various ghosts there and they aren’t always friendly. The author did a fantastic way writing about the ghosts and I can tell that I didn’t sleep much after reading this one.

There is also a dash of romance and it did fit with the story so no complaints here. I was actually rooting for the characters.

And I loved Carly’s new friend and roommate Heather. She was such a sweet and well-written character.

The ending and how everything comes together, because it will all do that. Well done! I loved the ending to this one and I was delighted with Carly and someone else’s decision on things.

I could probably write a longer review, but I am still wowed by this book and the words just don’t want to easily pop out. So you guys will have to do with this and with me saying that I would highly recommend this book if you like ghosts and murder. And tons of mystery.

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    1. Yes, another fan! It indeed was, I cannot wait to see what is next for this author, this is the second book featuring murder/ghosts that I loved.

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