Review for We Have Been to the Wildlife Zoo

Review for We Have Been to the Wildlife Zoo

We have been to the Wildlife Zoo, J.P. Pintor, Hippo, Water, Plants, Picture Book, Zoo, Children's Books, FamilyI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I haven’t been able to visit any kind of zoo since early March, so when I saw this book about a family going to the zoo I just had to request it. I just had to read it. Some way at least to visit a zoo. As we probably won’t be able to just freely go until next year, maybe even longer (though I hope not).

In this book we meet a family who is having a fun day at the zoo. We see all sorts of animals appear (like a llama wearing a bright red sweater which had me laughing so hard) and read descriptions of them. I am glad we also saw my favourites, like the hippos and the meerkats. Haha, and baby penguins do try to look cool, that is very true. And that bear, OMG. But how can people eat too many ice creams? There is never enough of that, believe me! This though made me miss getting ice creams. sighs

I have to say it was getting a bit too long in my feeling. There are 51 pages in this one. After around 30 pages I kind of had enough. I love the zoo, and yes, I was happy I could visit the zoo again, but it just felt too long-winded. I think it would have been better to have picked a top 10 or 15 of animals to show, maybe add some other scenes in as well to get to the 30 pages to fill it up a bit. Because going to the zoo for me also means getting a souvenir. Checking some other exhibits as well (they often have flowers/plants, butterflies, or museum items).

The art… it wasn’t always a favourite of mine. Some things were really nicely done, especially the animals.

But all in all, I still had fun coming along with this family to a trip to a zoo. I so hope next year we can go to zoos again. crosses fingers I want to spy all these animals for real now.

Star rating, 2.5 stars

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