Review for Witches of Brooklyn

Review for Witches of Brooklyn

Witches of Brooklyn, Book 1, Purple, Green ,Patterns, Girl, City, Lanterns, Witches, Magic, Orphan, Graphic Novel, Aunts, Friendship, Fame, Singer, Sophie EscabasseA girl comes to live with her aunt, discovers she is a witch, that they are witches, and so many adventures will start.

I bumped against this book and was instantly curious about it. It is almost Halloween so I just love a good book about witches. And this one sounded adorable and I definitely would like more Effie and her aunts.

In this one Effie becomes an orphan and starts living with her eccentric (but oh so fun) aunt and her friend. At first it is all bumpy but I just loved seeing how everyone started to get together more and more. How Effie and the aunts (I will just call them both that) got closer. I loved how they took care of Effie. And how when they find out she has powers they help her. Train her. Include her. They don’t mind that she is young, she is one of them. That was really fun.

Effie’s power (at least the one we saw) was fabulous… though I can only imagine that until she learns to control it, things won’t be easy. Until then best not to be in the neighbourhood of paintings or other art with dangerous animals or things. 😛

The other main focus of this book is Tilly, a popular singer who has a big problem. While I did like the problem and what the witches (and Effie) were trying to do and figure out how to help, I wasn’t a fan of Tilly.

I loved how Effie quickly made friends in school.

Tilly’s cook, Martin? I loved that guy and I loved seeing all that he could cook and bake. I would love to see him pursue a career as cook.

Tilly was the most vain and horrible character I have seen in a while. Constantly thinking about her appearances, being a total diva, having tantrums when things don’t work out for her, being a bully to people who are around her and try to help her. HOLY WOW. I am kind of happy she got that face of hers because maybe she will learn something from it. I am not sure she did though. I felt the solution and how it was solved was just too quick, too fast. I mean wasn’t she supposed to find her way? To show some personal self-improvement? Singing one song is enough? Wow. sighs

I am sorry, but I couldn’t help but laughing at the font at times. It was just so much like the Disney font, but often used when people were having an argument. No princesses and cuteness here, so I just laughed.

The art was fabulous, I really love the style. Plus, bonus points for the added floor plans!

I would definitely like more books in this series! And I would recommend this one to all.

Star rating, 4 stars

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