Review for Ziemlich beste Schwestern – Ich glaub, mich tritt ein Huhn! (ENGLISH Review)

Review for Ziemlich beste Schwestern – Ich glaub, mich tritt ein Huhn! (ENGLISH Review)

Ziemlich beste Schwestern - Ich glaub mich tritt ein Huhn!, Sarah Welk, Girls, Chickens, Toys, Yellow Floor, Children's Books, Humour, Sibling, Family, Short StoriesI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So, I want to get my German up again and maybe get it to be better. My first try, a picture book, went very well and I quickly got through it without really searching for words. So, I decided I would go for a first-read-book this time. Something that is a bit harder, a bit longer, would be a challenge, but also wouldn’t be too hard for me. Meet this book. I wished for it and my wish got granted. Thanks!

Since my German writing skills aren’t good, that is one thing we barely were taught in high school, I will write this, and any future German book review in English.

In this book we meet the sisters Flo and Mimi. I loved these girls from the start, they totally drove their parents to craziness though. I laughed so hard during that toilet moment when they found out that the toilet moved and they decided to put one of their plushies on it… you may guess how that ended. And then we still have to meet the chickens and the other farm animals! And when we meet those more craziness and silliness happens. I loved that the kids decided to sleep with the chickens. Though I am not sure if I would recommend it given all that happens. And so there are more chapters with silly and funny things happening in the lives of these sisters and I loved it all. I looked forward to seeing what was next for the girls (and their poor parents :P). I laughed so so much and it was just what I needed!

I loved the names of their chickens: Lulu and Lampi and Herr Krüger and Rasi. Oh, and they also gave their sister’s chickens (who cannot talk yet) names: Brutus and Bracki. Especially Herr Krüger and why Flo named her chicken that. OH FLO. 😛

There are also cute and fun illustrations that made things even more hilarious and fun.

It wasn’t always easy to read, I at times had to use Google Translate to help out, or Google itself as Translate didn’t know all the words. 😛 And sometimes there just wasn’t a translation. It took a bit longer due to that, but it was definitely a fun learning experience and I loved it all.

I would highly recommend this book to all, this was just so much fun to read and I want more books featuring Mimi and Flo.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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