Waiting on Wednesday ~ Abberton House

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Abberton House

Evening all!

Welcome to a new spooooooookkyyyy Waiting on Wednesday! Today I am featuring Abberton House by Debbie Ioanna

It is still Hallowtober and almost Halloween and I recently found this book on Twitter, I believe. Twitter shows me many books. 😛 I am quite hyped about it as I just love a good haunted house story with plenty of spooky twists and turns and this one seems to promise just! Eep! I am quite curious what is wrong with the house and what will happen to the new people living in it. What kind of scary things will happen.

I hope I can get the book before the end of this month that would be perfect. crosses fingers And otherwise it will be a spooky read for the dark nights of the Winter.

Abberton House, Debbi Ioanna, House, Clouds, Tower, Horror, Haunting, Haunted House, Ghosts, Past, Secrets, MysteryTwo families. 100 years apart. A sinister haunting…
It was supposed to be the dream house for Adam, Catherine, and their daughter, Bella. But dream houses can hold secrets. Settling in to their new home, the family realise they are not the only inhabitants of Abberton House.
A dark past continues to haunt the idyllic Yorkshire home, and those who remain want Adam and Catherine to know the truth. Frightened, Adam and Catherine begin to piece together what really happened at this once perfect abode.
A missing family, an elderly man searching for the truth, and secrets waiting to be revealed, moving in to Abberton House could be the worst decision the family made.

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