Zenpop Stationery Crate Unboxing October 2020

Zenpop Stationery Crate Unboxing October 2020


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Welcome to a brand-new Zenpop Stationery Crate Unboxing, this time for the spooky month of October!

This is my second Zenpop crate and I can tell you all that I still LOVE it. There is cuteness in it, fun items that I cannot wait to use, and more. For this month’s crate I hoped there were some spooky items in this crate, and yes! When I opened it there was plenty of fun spooky stationery. There were also a couple of items not spooky, sadly. But at least most of it is.

But I am getting a bit full with pens/pencils, and there are other items I may not use. If there are people, living in the Netherlands or EU, that are interested in pens or some other small stationery items and would like something, be sure to contact me. 🙂

Let’s get started with the unboxing~

Here is an overview of the crate! I do think they could have turned the colour to something more appropriate for the season. Like orange, black, or maybe yellow.

The booklet with a spooky intro. There is also information on the items, but I am not showing that to you guys. 😛

First items! Scary pumpkin plastic bags with handy sealing system so you can also put in cookies and other things. And on the right are cute monsters that are just waiting for me to put them into the books I read!

New pens and pencils. While I do think the pencil is cute, I already got like 10 pencils around me now. 😛 The pen is not that exciting. I do like the marker though, and the colour it is in. Slowly my collection of markers comes back alive. I cleaned all my old ones up when I moved last year.

Next up handy stickers to stick to things and know what they are! Definitely want to use these for food stuff. Then there is new tape and a clear eraser. I was kind of surprised seeing it, and I would love to send this one to me in high school, this would have come in handy then.

And lastly is a letter set, which is adorable though I probably won’t use a lot because I don’t write letters. But maybe I will use them to write letters to my hubby. 🙂 And the last item are cute youkai stickers which are definitely my favourite items in this box.

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

This was a fantastic box, I would give it 8/10. I would have rated it higher if the box colour was different, and the pens/pencils were more Halloween-ish. But I am very satisfied with the items and I cannot wait to use them.

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