Blog Tour ~ Everything I Thought I Knew by Shannon Takaoka ~ Excerpt + Giveaway

Blog Tour ~ Everything I Thought I Knew by Shannon Takaoka ~ Excerpt + Giveaway

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Everything I thought I Knew, Shannon Takaoka, Young Adult, Donor, Heart, Operation, Questions, Pink, Red, Heart

A big hearty welcome to the Blog Tour for Everything I Though I Knew by Shannon Takaoka! This book sounds amazing, a girl with a transplant remembers a past life suddenly, what is going on? I hope I get the chance to read it.

For today’s Tour I got an excerpt, a giveaway (yes, INT), and book/author information!

Let’s get this tour started~

Everything I thought I Knew, Shannon Takaoka, Young Adult, Donor, Heart, Operation, Questions, Pink, Red, HeartA teenage girl wonders if she’s inherited more than just a heart from her donor in this compulsively readable debut.

Seventeen-year-old Chloe had a plan: work hard, get good grades, and attend a top-tier college. But after she collapses during cross-country practice and is told that she needs a new heart, all her careful preparations are laid to waste.

Eight months after her transplant, everything is different. Stuck in summer school with the underachievers, all she wants to do now is grab her surfboard and hit the waves—which is strange, because she wasn’t interested in surfing before her transplant. (It doesn’t hurt that her instructor, Kai, is seriously good-looking.)

And that’s not all that’s strange. There’s also the vivid recurring nightmare about crashing a motorcycle in a tunnel and memories of people and places she doesn’t recognize.

Is there something wrong with her head now, too, or is there another explanation for what she’s experiencing?
As she searches for answers, and as her attraction to Kai intensifies, what she learns will lead her to question everything she thought she knew—about life, death, love, identity, and the true nature of reality.

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About the author:

Shannon Takaoka, White Sweater, Author, PhotographShannon Takaoka is a young adult fiction author who wrote her first book at age 12, when she blatantly ripped off C.S. Lewis with an epic fantasy inspired by THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE. (Well, maybe it wasn’t that epic — do 10 pages count?) Madeline L’Engle, Charlotte Brontë, Neil Gaiman and a host of other authors inspired her lifelong love of reading, and she’s especially into all things gothic, weird and nerdy. If a story involves time travel, strange science-y stuff or alternate realities, she’s in.
Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Shannon now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, two children and one very needy dog, who is probably leaning on her right now as she’s pecking away on her keyboard. Her debut novel, EVERYTHING I THOUGHT I KNEW, about a 17-year-old girl questioning everything about who she is and who she wants to be following a heart transplant, will be published by Candlewick Press on 10/13/2020 and Walker UK in 2021. She promises that it’s a little weird — but in a good way.

Find her here:      

Excerpt time.

We’re doing intervals today, and Emma’s pace seems faster than usual. As soon as we are side by side, she pulls ahead. I have to push myself to catch her. I push, she pulls. She pulls, I push. This is starting to annoy me, even though it’s what Emma and I always do when we practice together — ​we compete.
She pulls ahead again. I try to focus on increasing my pace.
Focus, Chloe, focus.
But all I can think about is water.
I didn’t drink enough before practice.
I didn’t drink any water, actually. I got held up leaving seventh period because I needed to talk to Ms. Breece about my paper proposal for AP Physics and had barely enough time to pull on my running shoes. My proposal is going to be late, which Ms. Breece made sure to note is “unlike you, Chloe,” which is true, I guess, but it got me thinking about what really, honestly is “like me,” because sometimes, or maybe even all the time, I’m stumped on that one. Which got me stressing again about my college application essays and whether they are mind-numbingly boring, and, by extension, if I am mind-numbingly boring. Which resulted in me forgetting to fill up my water bottle. This is starting to seem like kind of a big mistake, now that my mouth has gone dry and I’m dizzy and feeling like I might be about to throw up all over my shoes.
I turn to Emma. Her mouth is moving, but I only hear her last few words.
“. . . don’t you think?” she asks. “Chloe?” Cross-country is when we catch up on anything we didn’t get to talk about at lunch. The pop quiz we weren’t expecting in Calc. Weekend plans. Emma’s ongoing analysis of her five-minute conversation with Liam Morales about Catch-22 — ​Was it an excuse to talk to her? Or did he just need some quick info from someone who actually read the book? — ​a topic that, for my own reasons, I really don’t want to analyze anyway. But I must have zoned out for a few seconds, or minutes, because I have no idea what she just said.
“Think about what?” I barely have enough breath to get out the words, so I slow to a light jog as Emma pulls ahead of me for the third — ​or is it fourth? — ​time. Instead of pushing, I just stop. My heart is thumping hard.
Thump thumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthump. It’s all I can hear. Thumpthumpthumpthumpthump.
Emma turns around. “Chloe?”
The lane lines ahead of me look wrong. They’re not just vibrating, they’re rippling. Like those wave graphs in my physics textbook. The whole field around us is rippling. Are we having an earthquake? I look toward Emma, also rippling, who has now stopped running too and is staring at me, eyes wide.
“Chloe, are you okay?”
My chest feels like it’s being crushed. My ears are on fire. Sweat is running down my face and my back, soaking my shirt.
Not okay, I think.
Definitely not okay. But I can’t say the words.
And then the world that’s spinning, spinning, spinning like a top gets tipped over, me with it. The last thing I see is the brilliant blue of the October sky overhead.

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