Book Blitz ~ It’s Raining Men by Rich Amooi ~ Q&A + Giveaway

Book Blitz ~ It’s Raining Men by Rich Amooi ~ Q&A + Giveaway

Afternoon all,

It’s Raining Men, Guys, Gray, Flower Dress, Red Dress, Woman, Fireman, Lawyer, Doctor, Humour, Romance, Cute, Rich Amooi

Welcome to the Book Blitz for It’s Raining Men by Rich Amooi. This book sounds soooo adorable and cute, and I would love to read it!

For today’s Blitz I got a Q&A with the author, a giveaway, and of course book/author information.

Make a wish!

It’s Raining Men, Guys, Gray, Flower Dress, Red Dress, Woman, Fireman, Lawyer, Doctor, Humour, Romance, Cute, Rich AmooiOn a dare, Faith Daniels tosses a coin into the infamous “Fountain of Love” and wishes for the perfect man, laughing it off as the dumbest thing she’s ever done. Like magic, her quiet life turns upside-down when men begin to appear out of nowhere. There’s a doctor, a lawyer, a firefighter, and a swimwear model, for starters. All of them are kind, generous, successful, and drop-dead gorgeous. All of them are interested in Faith. But who is Mr. Right?
A feel-good romance novel about love, friendship, and living life to the fullest!

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About the author:

Rich Amooi, Striped Blouse, Author, Photograph

Rich Amooi is a Taleflick Discovery Winner, Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Recipient, Holt Medallion Finalist, and the Amazon Bestselling author of 15 romantic comedies, including It’s Not PMS, It’s You, Dying to Meet You, There’s Something About a Cowboy, and Madam Love, Actually. Over 500,000 downloads from readers around the world.
A former radio personality and wedding DJ, Rich now writes romantic comedies full-time in San Diego, California, and is happily married to a kiss monster imported from Spain. Rich believes in public displays of affection, silliness, infinite possibilities, donuts, gratitude, laughter, and happily ever after.

Find him here:       


Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Dark chocolate almonds. Five to six each day after lunch.

Who was your first celebrity crush?
Farrah Fawcett. I had a poster of her up in my shag-carpeted fort in the rafters of the garage. I even got in a fight with my brother one day when I caught him making out with the poster. I tried to clean it with Windex and ended up erasing Farrah’s mouth.

First car?
Lime green 1970 Chevy Nova with polyester seats that stuck to my legs in the summer.

Is there an idea out there that you wish you’d thought of?
Absolutely. These two lines from the movie Airplane!
“Surely, you can’t be serious.”
“I am serious—and don’t call me Shirley.”

Biggest fear?
Living without my wife.

What inspires your book ideas?
This may sound crazy but some of my ideas start with just a title. The idea for my fourth novel came to me while in line at Starbucks. A woman reached over and smacked her husband on the arm and said, “Quit being so crotchety.” I smiled and thought Mr. Crotchety would make a great title for a book. Then I brainstormed the story and wrote it.

Caramel, kettle, cheese or regular popcorn?
Yes, please.

What’s on your pizza?
Pineapple and garlic.

Biggest pet peeve?
People who drive fast through residential neighborhoods.

Nickname as a kid?
Stitches. Let’s just say I was on a first name basis with the staff at the emergency department.

First author hero?
Dr. Seuss

Favorite ’80s artist?
Hall & Oates.

Favorite dessert?
Betty Crocker super moist yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A DJ on the radio. I ended up working at some of the top radio stations in Silicon Valley for over thirty-three years. Then my wife encouraged me to take a few creative writing classes at Stanford and here I am writing romantic comedies!

If you were a Disney princess, which one would you be?
Did you really just ask me that? Can’t you see how much testosterone I have? It’s just oozing out my pores. I should be offended! I really should be! But I’m not. The answer is Cinderella.

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