Book Haul November 2020

Book Haul November 2020

Hi all!

Welcome to a brand-new monthly book haul! This time for November, which just flew by~

This month I had quite a nice haul of new books!
I got several pre-orders/kick-starters, my hubby also spoiled me with 3 books, I won a book, and I bought 2 books that I just had to have. I still need to read 4 of the books (3 of which I only got 3 days ago). Can’t wait to read them soon.

NOTE: I was waiting for a batch of books to come, expected them to come in December, but they came early. However, I already planned this post 4 days ago thinking they wouldn’t come in. They did, came in, late Friday. They will be included in December’s haul.

Pre-orders/Kickstarters/presents/prize: 9 books. ||| Normal: 2 books.

Being a Cosplayer by Katherine Hemmings
CUTE by Sarah Graley, Stef Purenis
Rent a Boyfriend by Gloria Chao
Club Donald Duck #1 by Jimmy Gownley, Jay P. Fosgitt
Club Donald Duck #2 by Jimmy Gownley, Jay P. Fosgitt
100% Coco Tokyo by Niki Smit
Stoorzender by Arjen Lubach
Buurtpolitie #11 by Nix
Jan van Haasteren Super Groot Zoekboek by Jan van Haasteren

Shine by Jessica Jung
I Killed Zoe Spanos by Kit Frick

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