Library Haul 2-11-2020

Library Haul 2-11-2020

Afternoon all,

Welcome all to a new Library #3 Haul! A bit earlier and on a not-weekend-time than usual.

I was planning on going on Saturday as the books had to go back then. However yesterday morning I was reading the news and spotted an article stating that the government may close cultural stuff (museums, theatres, etc.). They didn’t mention the library, but I decided to read the article to check, and there it was. The government is thinking of closing all of these for two weeks starting Thursday. Nothing conclusive yet, but I know how it went the first time round, suddenly stuff was just closed. 😐 So I checked with my hubby and we found out the library was open until 8pm, which meant we could go when our workday was over. Not ideal, given how dead I am after a day of things, but I want some books. Because who is to say that this closure is just for two weeks, they may expand it.

So off to the library I went (my hubby went to get some forgotten groceries). Hoping to find some books. I didn’t have a lot of luck at first as the Children’s/YA department’s new releases tables were pretty much empty. But I struck luck with graphic novels and AND AND I found a book I have been hoping to read: All Boys Aren’t Blue! I heard so so much about this book and was already considering buying it given that I didn’t think my libraries would have it. But here we are! dances Thanks for adding it Library #3, I love you!

I cannot wait to start reading, BUT I will have to pace myself. Not to be too hungry (lately I just want to disappear in book worlds a bit too much), but also don’t forget to read the books (as happens these days as time just slips away).

STATS: 11 books. 8 graphic novels, 1 non-fiction, 2 fiction.

Shoe Wars by Liz Pichon
Game by Miranda Hillers, Mariëlle Brouwer, Kim Mulder
All Boys Aren’t Blue by George M. Jonhson
Scherpschutters by Michiel van Pol
Dragman by Steven Appleby
De Drinker by Jakob Heinrichs
Scherven by Erik de Graaf
Opstaan.. en doorgaan by Willem Ritsier
Gewoon even optimaal genieten by Renske de Greef
#niewcontact_ by Bruno Duhamel
Mano en Mano by Ana Mirallès, Emilio Ruiz

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