Library Haul 25-11-2020

Library Haul 25-11-2020

Afternoon all,

Welcome to a new Library #1 Haul!

Since my knee is still not in shape (especially not for bicycling) I asked my hubby if he could bring me to Library #1, thankfully they are open again until 8pm. He was OK with it and yesterday was the day! I had a stack of finished books, not to mention they had to go back again because time just flies by. I was hoping to find some new books to bring home with me!

It was VERY calm/quiet, even calmer than normal during the Corona time. When I got to the library I thought it was closed because of this. 😛 But that wasn’t the case, phew! I had tons of fun wobbling around the place finding books, and find I did. I found a book I was hoping my hubby could pick up for me at Library #2 (Linda van Rijn – Ibiza club) but he couldn’t find it and there was no one around to help. So yay for this library for having it! I also found some new English books, including Burn Our Bodies Down squeeeeeee and also the newest book by the author of Pax, which was a book I absolutely loved.

I am so hyped about my new books and cannot wait to start reading them~ does a happy dance on one leg

STATS: 8 books, 1 comic, 1 non-fiction, 6 fiction.

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Turtle Boy by M. Evan Wolkenstein
Platgewalst in Wenen by Thea Stilton
Ibiza club by Linda van Rijn
Burn Our Bodies Down by Rory Power
The Impossible Boy by Ben Brooks
Here in the Real World by Sara Pennypacker
Brugpieper Roos Vink: Geestig by Jan Vriends
De memoires van Mila Mammoet by Mike Benton, Rob Hodgson

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