Library Haul 3-11-2020

Library Haul 3-11-2020

Afternoon all!

Welcome all to another new Library haul, this time for Library #1! The last library to go to so I am all stocked up with books.

Because libraries might close, and who knows for how long. They say 2 weeks, but earlier this year during the first lockdown it was closed for a few months. 😐 So time to get some books!

I still had one book at home as I wasn’t expecting to go this soon, my plan was to go next week. So I had room for 7 books and I hoped to find them there. And I can tell you that I did. I found many new books at different places, and I am just so hyped for several of the books, like The Unadoptables, or Pizzazz, or Blood Moon. It is great that the library is doing more of an effort to add English books to their collection. I know I say this often, but it just needs to be said. I never thought their collection would grow, I guess they did listen to the talk we (me and some other people along with someone from the library) had a few years ago regarding the English collection.

I cannot wait to start reading, BUT I will have to spread things out a bit. Who knows how long the libraries will stay closed.

STATS: 7 books. 1 graphic novel, 2 non-fiction, 4 fiction.

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Pizazz by Sophie Henn
Blood Moon by Lucy Cuthew
Gemeente zegt ik Nederlands leren by Said El Haji
Het spookt op nummer 113 by Mr Tan, Yomgui Dumont
Schuilen tussen bamboe by Birgit Treipl
The Unadoptables by Hana Tooke
Just Like You by Nick Hornby

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