Review for Being a Cosplayer

Review for Being a Cosplayer

Being a Cosplayer, Katherine Hemmings, Cosplay, Rick/Morty, Costumes, Facts, Comics, Non-Fiction, Yellow Letters, Funny, Humour, Non-fictionThe newest book by Katherine Hemmings and it is all about Cosplay! Comics, facts, and more!

When Katherine Hemmings announced this book, along with a kickstarter, I knew I had to support and get this book! Now some time after the kickstarter (and after my package apparently went around the world before it arrived at my home) I can finally read this book and enjoy the fun goodies that come with it (stickers, badge, pin, cards with comics).

This book is, as you may have deduced, about cosplaying. About cosplayers. About making costumes. About going to cons. And I loved it all. I am not a big cosplayer myself, though I did some simple ones and was amazed that people recognised me (especially that one time I cosplayed Anne from Shaman King while I have dark hair or that one I made a very simple Card Captor Sakura cosplay (which didn’t look like it much, but I had so much fun)). I haven’t done much cosplay, just wore fancy dresses from I would like to cosplay, but will come back to that later in the review.

This book is full of comics which are all about cosplaying and things you may encounter while preparing (when is best to start… and when is it actually too late), travelling (explain why you need those things to the security), and being at the con (from fangirling to finding out wings may not have been the best plans). I had a big laugh and tons of fun while reading it. Again, I am not a big cosplayer, but I have sewn a couple of things for myself and so things were recognisable to me at points. Other than it just reminds me of the fun cons I went to and how much fun it is to see a character come to life! Or just people with creative outfits!

There are also facts in this book about cosplay. Like the fact someone wore a peanutbutter costume… which would have been so bad for me (deadly allergic to that stuff) or how cosplay started. I loved that these facts were added to the book!

And then at the end we get some extra photographs from cosplays. Yay! Some people are amazing.

OH OH, and can I just say I love the positive message in this book? The fact that cosplay is about fun. It doesn’t matter if you bought the outfit, made it, or if it is simple. If you have fun that is the most important thing. I have seen quite a lot of negativity about cosplaying in my country, for instance I saw some bad comments on that one con I went to with a simple Sakura cosplay. Or how people dismiss a cosplay when you didn’t put your blood and sweat into it. So I am just loving this positive message and wish I could send it to me in the past and tell her she is doing awesome and that she shouldn’t stop. Maybe then I would have done that Reimu cosplay. Maybe I still should when things go normal again.

The art is of course fabulous again! Katherine Hemmings has such a fun style!

All in all, I cannot wait to find out what is next for Katherine. She got my support!

Star rating, 5 stars

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