Review for Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai, Vol.1

Review for Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai, Vol.1

Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai, Vol.1, Robot, Romance, Manga, Cute, Interspecies Relationship, Girl, Necklace, Ring, Marriage,A lovely and wholesome story about a guy, Takuma, who falls in love with his household robot, Miina.

Yes, this may sound strange, but it was really well written and really adorable to read. I was in the mood for something cute and this one fit the bill perfectly.

Meet Takuma, a guy who fell head over heels with his household robot named Miina. Yes, he even asked her to be his wife to which is at first didn’t give a reply, but later on acknowledges the fact. Miina is quite special. She is not a SuperMiina, those really can do anything, but she is still quite awesome. It seems she can show emotions, and she is learning more human behaviour as things go on. She gets jealous of the microwave and demands to make hot towels for her hubby herself by using her stomach unit. She learns of his birthday and tries to surprise him (which had me in stitches, that is not the best way to surprise someone). At one point Takuma mentions her hair which she has put down to make boiled eggs and she takes care to do something with her hair every time. As you can see, she is working hard. It isn’t an easy or painless road, but Takuma and Miina are both up for it. I say painless, because Miina is quite strong… physical contact, well there was a lot of training involved for that. Poor Takuma, but I loved that he was patient with Miina.

I loved seeing the two of them get closer and closer and see Takuma fall more in love with Miina. And Miina learning about love. It was so cute and the two of them make quite a nice couple. Yes, it may be weird and not that good for the already declining birth rates, but one just cannot stop love.

I had a big laugh when Takuma’s sister learns of her brother getting married and then laughed even harder because she is an interspecies romance fetishist and JUST LOVES that her brother married a robot. Which gives some hilarious scenes as the sister tries not to die of loss of blood or drool. In the mean time Miina just thinks the sister is feeling sick/not well. 😛 Oh if only you knew you pure robot.
But the two become fast friends and I just loved that! I wouldn’t mind seeing some cute scenes with the two of them going shopping or other things.

While Miina looks slightly expressionless, as the story continues you can clearly see emotions there.

The art was decent.

I am definitely going to continue with this series. I want to see more of this adorable and wholesome relationship, I want some more cute stories, and I want to see Miina get more human/learn more new skills. I would recommend this one if you are looking for a cute, wholesome story that is a tad weird.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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