Review for Don’t Mess with Duck

Review for Don’t Mess with Duck

Don't Mess With Duck, Picture book, Children's Books, Duck, Frog, Orange, White Letters, Humour, Funny, Grumpy, Becky Davies, Emma LeveyA duck who wants to be left alone tries to find a space for himself.

This one is about a duck. Some people may call him grumpy, and I certainly did at points, but on other points I could also agree with him. I just want to read my book in relative quiet. Music OK, but constant noise no thank you.

His old pond is a no-go, too many other animals, too much splishing and splashing. Instead of talking with the animals he just up and leaves the place and looks for a new spot. I had so much fun seeing him try to find the pond just right for him, and I had a big laugh when he went into that cave. Oh boy, I could have told you that. 😛

In the end he finds a pond… but there is someone there. A grumpy frog. I was eager to see if this would work. Could Duck understand that even with another animal you could enjoy a quiet life? And the same counted for the frog. Could they be friends? Or at least tolerate each other? And what would happen if more animals pop up? What would Duck do then? His old grumpy grump shtick or would he be kind. I won’t tell you more, you will just have to read, but I can tell you I was smiling. It was a great ending.

The art was also fun and fitted with the story wonderfully.

All in all, I had so much fun reading this. I was a bit worried at first as I am generally not such a big fan of grumpy people, but it worked out in this one.

Star rating, 4 stars

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