Review for Emma’s Marvelous Mask

Review for Emma’s Marvelous Mask

Emma's Marvelous Mask: A Children's Book about Viruses Bravery and Kindness, Emily Lodley, Bazma Ahmad, Yellow, Girl, Mask, Dress, Red Font, Corona, Picture Books, Children's Books, PositiveI received this book from the author/Booksirens in exchange of an honest review.

The Corona virus is still in full GO mode. While I don’t read all the books about Corona because of my mental health these past month, but sometimes I just cannot resist. This cover just said: READ ME. So I did. 🙂 Plus, Picture books are generally quite positivity filled and with bright colours, that definitely helps for me.

In this book a little girl finds out that she cannot go outside and she learns some more about the virus that is raging around. Her mom calmly explains everything, making sure to not skip any details. I loved that. And whatever questions the girl had the mom could answer. I love that they talked about masks and that the mom made it something fun, something that you want to wear. Good job mom!

I love the positivity in this book. No matter what, the parents stay positive. At least for their kid (as I cannot imagine anyone staying that positive for months and months with nothing to look forward to or no idea how long things take).

The art was really fun and cute, I love the style!

However, there were quite a few differences in between my country and where this author is from. RIVM (the guys who make the rules) state that kids under 12 can just play outside without holding to the 1.5 metre distance. Schools are open again for most. Kids under 13 don’t need to wear masks. So I can only imagine that if this book would be translated to Dutch that kids would be very confused and wondering why this girl cannot go outside, or why she has to wear a mask. Which I guess allows discussions, but makes it also a bit more difficult for parents. While I am agreeing to all the points (because now kids just don’t care about holding distance at all), I am glad kids can play outside with their friends. Because it is already hard for teens and adults, I cannot imagine having to explain to a 7 year old that they cannot go outside (I am pretty sure the conversation doesn’t always go as well as it did in this book 😛 ).

All in all, I had fun reading this book.

Star rating, 4 stars

2 thoughts on “Review for Emma’s Marvelous Mask

  1. I love this! With all of the changes, it has been a challenge as a parent to explain to my children about this virus and how some of what we do has to change. My 6 year old kinda caught on fast with all the changes. But I love that writers are thinking about children and are using books to illustrate what the so-called norm of life is now in a way that children can better understand.

    1. I can imagine that it hasn’t been easy! I am also delighted that there are so many corona-related picture books/children’s books in various forms from pure non-fiction to blending non-fiction and fiction.

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