Review for Find a Moose with Me!

Review for Find a Moose with Me!

Find a Moose With Me!, Trail, Forest, Boy, Child, Plants, Nature, Moose, Hunt, Family, Picture Books, Animals, Counting, Children's Books, Suzanne Buzby Hersey, Ashley HalseyI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was actually not planning on downloading anything, but fellow bookworms, you know how it goes. You spot a book. You cannot resist. And that is where I am. 🙂 I just couldn’t resist this adorable looking and sounding book.

The book starts off great for me, there is a map of the path we will be following along with the kid as he searches for his first moose.

Meet Oscar, it is his very first moose hunt and I just LOVED how his parents prepared him for the trip, hyped it all up, and made sure they had plenty of snacks (very important if you are doing an animal hunt (and no, not the kind you murder animals, but the one where you spot the animals in their surroundings)).

As he makes way to the moose we see him count all the animals and items he comes across. We see 8 beavers, 6 chipmunks and other animals. I loved how enthusiastic Oscar was about each encounter and I am sure that kids will love to count along with him. Of course, I had a big suspicion from the start what the 1 would entail. The numbers are also found in the background, I am not sure how I felt about that, it felt a bit unnecessary. Also I found a couple of the counting items to be a bit eh/unclear. Like the tree branches or the apples.

I loved the ending and I love that twist, OMG, I thought for sure that the author would end it like that, but then something else entirely happens which had me grinning and feeling just as happy as Oscar is feeling, I am sure.

I also liked that the book was rhyming, it gave it a bit more bounce and energy.

All in all, I would love to go moose hunting as well, though I would have to travel to Flevoland to meet one it seems (just checked it online as I wasn’t sure we had this animal in the wild here).
I would recommend this fun counting book with an adorable MC to everyone.

Star rating, 4 stars

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