Review for Gudetama: Surviving the Holidays

Review for Gudetama: Surviving the Holidays

Gudetama, Gudetama: Surviving the Holidays, Wook-Jin Clark, Yellow, Holidays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Advice, Egg, Christmas, Comics  I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just couldn’t resist again. Gudetama is such a cute character and I just want to read stories with him in the main role. Though I did fear the repetition that the other book I read with this character, and I was right to fear as it was quite repetitive again.

It is just mostly Gudetama giving advice to people about all sorts of things in his Gudetama way. Sometimes enthusiastic, sometimes he is just tired of it all. I did love that people went to him for advice though and I was looking forward to seeing what Gudetama would say. But it did get a bit repetitive. It was just like I was reading an advice book. There was one story that ran through the whole book and I loved that one as it was a story. Something with more bones and more life.

All these stories take place during the holidays. New Years, Christmas, and others. It is a bit too soon for me for Christmas, come back in November, but I did love the theme. I love seeing all the Christmas things, and all the other holidays pop up. Now I am even more hyped for Christmas.

What I would have liked and why I rated this one a bit lower is that there is nothing that shows that we are on the next advice field. At times I had to re-read parts as I was confused why there was a new character. What would have been nice if there was a header or a small part on the left before the story starts that indicates the newest advice.

I did love the art. Gudetama is adorable, but the other people and backgrounds are just done really well. I like the style!

I am not sure if I will read another Gudetama book though. I love the character, I love the art, but the repetition and constant advice giving and not much else is just meh.

Star rating, 3 stars

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