Review for Guide To Kroma

Review for Guide To Kroma

Guide to Kroma, Eve Greenwood, Spire Eaton, Purple, Blue, Building, Person, Flags, Ships, Hooverscooter, Sea, Monsters, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Travel, Guide, MagicCome along to discover all about Kroma, a gorgeous city filled with wonders and colours.

I spotted this Kickstarter and just had to throw my money at it. I love fantasy/sci-fi worlds and this one sounded amazing. I wanted to find out all about Kroma. The Kickstarter included this book, 2 big maps, stickers, a 2 page TTRPG, a postcard, and a keyring with a ward.

This book tells us all about Kroma. A city filled with colour, rainbows, language and more. I had so much fun reading about all that was Kroma. From the language to how people are buried (and that you can see where the crystal knights are buried) to pronouns and how that is done (colours and more which I absolutely loved) to smithing and festivals. I loved it all and I could just envision myself walking through the streets of Kroma and enjoying all there is. Eve Greenwood and Spire Eaton really created a whole world with technology and magic and brought it fully to life.

This was my first read, but I definitely want to read it again this time with the big maps (not a fan of having to flip back and forth with a book to see the maps in the back), plus I want to try and learn the language a bit more.

The book also has lovely colours and illustrations that make everything come further alive.

All in all, I hope that we are getting more books about this land, and I really need to find some big picture frames for my maps (they are quite big and a bit fragile) so I can hang them on my walls. If you have a chance to add this book to your collection I would highly recommend it.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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