Review for People who help us: At The Hospital

Review for People who help us: At The Hospital

People who help us: At The Hospital, Rainbow, Sparkles, Doctor, Labcoat, Stethoscope, Blue, Children's Books, words&pictures, Emeline BarreaI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I spotted this adorable and sparkly looking book over at Netgalley and was instantly curious about it. I love books about the hospital and this one promised lots of fun, so of course I had to click the read now button and I couldn’t even resist waiting another day to read it. I just had to read it immediately.

In this book we see all about the hospital. What happens there. Who works there. What kind of things can you see there. We see someone get put in the ambulance. And we don’t just see the nurses and the doctors, we also see the porters who bring around tea and drinks and food, who help with the people. I had a big fun time reading and I definitely approve and love the last message on the page and how bright and colourful the pages were!

The illustrations were very nicely done, as I said I fell in noticed this book because of the cover and I can tell you the illustrations within are just as adorable. I also love the use of the bright colours, it definitely makes everything pop out.

BUT, I am giving this book -1 star. Why? Because the book doesn’t work in ebook. I loved the book, and I loved the message. But sorry, an interactive book just DOESN’T WORK in ebook. You have these window-thingies, I am not sure what they do, I just see that the images have stripes and that there is a hole as well. I did read something about interactivity, but I had expected something else since why would you give a reviewer an ebook ARC that wouldn’t work in that format? It is a shame, but it did affect my reading experience and so I do rate on that.

All in all though, I would like to try this book in physical form and see what the interactivity is and what kind of fun things we will see. And I would recommend this book as well.. however don’t get this one in ebook. Just don’t.

Star rating, 4 stars

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