Review for Rent A Boyfriend

Review for Rent A Boyfriend

Rent a Boyfriend, Glorio Chao, Pink, White Letters, Hug, Girl, Boy, Young Adult, Romance, CuteflailsThis was an amazing cute fun wonderful realistic book! Gloria Chao did it again!

I finished the book some days ago (writing this one on the 18th of November) and I just CANNOT find the words for this amazing book. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, laughter, a few tears, cheering for Drew and Chloe to get together. But here I am. I am going to try to throw my emotions on this page. Sorry if it is chaotic. Sorry if it is a mess. I blame the book. 😛 I will make a list of all that I loved in this book.

♕ The characters were just amazing. We see both Chloe’s and (An)Drew’s POV. Chloe who tries to keep her parents happy and tries to understand them, but also wants to get out from the arranged marriage they set up. Drew who just wants to do art but isn’t accepted by his parents. I was rooting for both to make their wishes clear and that people would understand them. For once.

♕ I loved that this took place over various holidays. We see Christmas, Thanksgiving (which we don’t have here but which still sounds awesome and I would love to experience it), New Years and Chinese New Years, there is Valentine’s Day. While there are other days in between the holidays definitely get most attention. 

♕ All the food. Though please, not the fusion food that Chloe’s mom has made, those sounds just beyond gross. But all the other things? I would love to try them. I would love to try mooncakes for instance, they sound amazing! I heard about them before but finding a store here that sells them isn’t easy. And this year there is corona, so there is no chance at all as I am not a fan of being food on the internet. 

♕ That the book also has texts, phone messages. I always love it when books add these things. 

♕ How Drew and Chloe got together. It wasn’t instantly BOOM together, instead it was slowly, though we could see that both were interested in the other. It got quite cute and I was delighted when the two did get together. I don’t see this as a spoiler given the book and everything. They make such a cute couple. I also like that their road was free of bumps. They had some things to discuss and there were some things that they bumped against. But they talked. They fought a little. They said their sorry’s. 

♕ While the parents were hit/miss, I did think they were written very well. Despite all they did they cared about Chloe in their own way. The marriage, while of course a bad idea, was done because they wanted to have their daughter safe and well-off. Especially what we learn later about the dad (which Chloe had to find out in her own way which made me sad though also had me laughing that the doctor fell for it) I can imagine that their parents just wanted to make sure everything was fine. Yes, it wasn’t the best way. And yes, the mom was quite horrible at times, especially with how she was pushing for beauty and kept making remarks. But as I said, despite this I could see their love. I could see they cared. 

♕ While not the same culture (plus my parents wouldn’t even think of arranged marriage), I did recognise some things in the parents. My parents also had (since I have no contact with them anymore) pretty high expectations, they don’t always talk about everything that happens (important for me things). 

♕ The cover is just adorable! Cute! Love it!

♕ I loved it when Drew and Chloe had a couple of days together and there was just so much kissing. Cute!

♕ I loved the renting service and what we all learn about it. While it is sad that it is needed and that parents focus so much on a partner, the idea is fun and I love that you can sign up for it and learn all sorts of new skills. 

♕ It was fun seeing Andrew be both Andrew and Drew while doing the fake (at first) boyfriend stuff.  Especially now that I have finished the book I can see he plays a role but that there is also enough Drew in Andrew. I hope that makes sense. 😛 

♕ Drew’s art. While we don’t see it I could imagine how it looked and I would love a piece of art. I love moons. I love starry skies. 

♕ The ending just made me smile so much. 

♕ While maybe not the best of ideas, I had such a big laugh on how she got out of the marriage with Hongbo. Yes, it got her into trouble, but boy, that is one way to state your wishes when none work. 

All in all, I could probably continue talking about this book a bit more, but I think I got most important things out in the world. I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this fun and cute and at times funny but then would make you tear up again book to everyone~

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