Review for The Danger Gang

Review for The Danger Gang

The Danger Gang, Tom Fletcher, Shane Devries, Green, Kids, Boys, Girls, Superpowers, Friendship, Family, Inventions, Poop Storms, Storms, MysteryGreen stinky storms, a weird town, superpowers?, friendship, and more! A delightful and hilarious book!

NOTE: I read this book in Dutch. I have no clue what the English names for everything is, so I am going to be using the Dutch names.

Meet Frenkie, he just moved to the little town of Bizar (though I guess if one moves from Grijsdorp it is an improvement) and misses his dear friend Dani a lot. We see how he tries to make the best of things and writes letters to his friend Dani. And then a big green poopy stinky storm happens and things get very weird and very bizarre. The story gets more and more magical and silly with each new month and I just LOVE LOVE LOVED it. It may have come over a bit episodic, but I think it wouldn’t have worked in another way given this book takes place over a year. It would just be too big or you would lose tons of story.

I had so much fun finding out what was going on with that storm and what it meant for each character. I won’t spoil anyone’s superpowers you will just have to read this fun book to find out, but I have to say if I had to rank the superpowers I would do it this way:

  1. Mollie
  2. Erik (though a bit inconvenient, but still awesome)
  3. Frenkie

I also loved seeing what happened to the town and that the storm didn’t just affect the children. It affected a lot more!

Then there are shadows lurking and stalking, inventions being made, there are secrets (and one I definitely didn’t see coming about a certain character who I wasn’t a fan of because of their responsibilities that they didn’t seem to take). The club has a lot of things to figure out and I loved seeing them get together and do things. I am so happy that Frenkie found friends so fast and that he has so much fun in his new town.

I loved that this book was all in letters (almost one for each month). I loved seeing what happened in Bizar every month and what happened to each of Frenkie’s new friends or what happened in the town. As the storm really made things even weirder. Even spookier. Even stinkier. Even greener. I loved seeing the little hints that he was interested in more than just being friends though also quickly missing it as soon as he did, which is adorable and also so fitting for his age. I do wonder how Dani reacted to all the crazy and weird stories that Frenkie told her. I can only imagine. 😛 However, it just didn’t seem sense to do the last chapter in which everything exciting happens and we finally meet Dani. It just seems weird that he is writing her this letter WHEN SHE WAS THERE. I get you don’t want to break the format, but I do feel it would have been better. Now it just felt odd and weird.

The art was fabulous though I did think it was a bit odd how much they differ. You had SUPER detailed and gorgeous art, and more simple but also fun art. Between the two sometimes the characters just looked vastly different which was confusing. I still loved the art, don’t get me wrong, but I think it would be better if it had all been in one style.

I wasn’t a fan of the teacher though. How she handled the class, that math stuff and forcing people to do maths until they gets something right, there is the Valentines Day thing. Lord woman, be a better teacher.

I did think it was a bit odd to go for branie instead of danger in the Dutch edition. I mean branie is a good choice in the end, but it seems weird to go from danger to daring/brave.

The ending made me quite happy. Thanks to the author for adding this epilogue.

Tom Fletcher did it again! A fun, exciting, storm-tastic, superpowers and friendship filled story. I flew through it!

Star rating, 5 stars

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