Review for The Snowflake

Review for The Snowflake

The Snowflake, Benji Davies, Snow, Girl, Red Coat, Hat, Trees, House, Hills, Children's Books, Benji Davies, Picture Books, Holiday, Holiday VibesA very adorable and sweet book about a snowflake and girl and it brought me straight into the holiday spirits.

I read this beautiful book in Dutch but decided to write this review in English.

I just adore Benji Davies’ books, he really has a way with words but also definitely with art. I get most of the books because of the amazing art, yes, I confess! The stories are often great as well, really, but the art is just so outstanding and gorgeous.

And it is the same in this one. I enjoyed the story featuring two characters, a little snowflake who wants to land in the right spot (and dreams of being a star on top of a Christmas tree), and a little girl who is living with her mom and grandpa and wants to have a wonderful Christmas. I loved seeing the snowflake not wanting to land, not just on anything at least, and I could fully understand that, because everyone knows what happens to snowflakes when they land. At least in my country it doesn’t generally stay in a big fluffy blanket of cold. It just smushes up. I was just rooting for this little snowflake to find her home, at least for a while. I liked how the little girl made her own little tree, as if she knew that there would be something special happening.

But the art. WOW. That was just stunning and I took my time soaking up all the details. It really gave me those holiday vibes that I was hoping to find.

The ending was great, I loved seeing both the girl and the snowflake be happy (and I had a laugh at the dog’s reaction).

All in all, a snowy and holiday spirit filled book that I would recommend.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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