Review for Versailles of the Dead, Vol.1

Review for Versailles of the Dead, Vol.1

Versailles of the Dead, Vol. 1, Zombies, Versailles, Historical Fiction, Kumiko Suekana, Skull, Girl, Marie Antoinette, Swords, Horror, MangaWelcome to the French Revolution, with characters you may know, conspiracies and murder plots run wild… but there is more that is running wild… zombies. Yep. Nom nom, will eat your brain.

When I saw the premise of this manga I was instantly in love. Zombies in a French Revolution, sign me up. The art, based on the cover, look wonderful. I was so happy that the German TOKYOPOP has the license for this book and I could pre-order it.

The book starts off in an awesome way and believe me, at times you think that things go a bit more frilly and a bit more OMG look how tall my hair is, that tension sticks the whole entire book. Each time you may relax BOOM something happens and you are book to being suspicious of everything. Because there is a lot to be suspicious of. We have Madam Barry, the mistress of the king who has two very sexy guys who are willing to do anything for her. Someone else also seems to have bad plans. And then there is Albert. Who looks pretty fine and nice.. but believe me there is darkness in him and we see it manifest. I guess in the next coming books we will discover what happened to him (other than the big thing at the beginning which took his sister’s life).

I loved how at times everything just seemed normal. We get glimpses at the court, at the king, we see Albert get changed into dresses and get very exorbitant hairdos (including one with a boat, which to be honest looked like awesomeness but also WTF). We see Albert giggling with the girls from the court. It was really a nice reprieve from all that is going on.

I love the zombies, they are creepy as hell. I have many questions about them and I hope that in the next books we get a few more questions answered! How far spread are they? How did it start? And what is up with that scene later on in this book? Who are they and most importantly, what are they. We see that there is a team actively pursuing zombies and making sure that things don’t get too out of hand. Dang, the French Revolution time has a better zombie hunting team than I have seen in most modern horror stories. 😛

I love love the art in this one. It was all so nicely one.

I cannot wait for the next volume in this series. I would recommend it to all looking for a spooky and at times scary read with plenty of mystery and scariness, but also frills and fluff.

Star rating, 5 stars

4 thoughts on “Review for Versailles of the Dead, Vol.1

  1. I don’t usually read manga, but you’ve convinced me to try this one! The French Revolution is a period in history I love to read about, and this sounds like such a fascinating twist. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes! I am so happy to hear that! It does make the French Revolution even more exciting, so I hope you enjoy it. You’re welcome~

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