Review for Yuru Camp△ Vol.2

Review for Yuru Camp△ Vol.2

Yurucamp, Vol.2, Girls, Tent, Scenery, Water, Camping, Friendship, Food, Travelling, Afro, MangaThe second volume in the Yuru Camp/Laid-Back Camp and it is time to bundle up and get camping.

I was in the mood for something chill, something laid-back, something calm. And this one fits the bill perfectly. Just watching girls go camping and having a good time.

This one was indeed very chill and fluffy and I had tons of fun seeing the girls go camping and having a fantastic fun time. The first two chapters are when Rin and Nadeshiko are separate (but they find a way to connect which just had me so happy) but later on in the volume they also go camping and have a great time (and had me laughing with the urban legend). But we also see them at school, at the club. I just love it.

We also see some new camping goods and learn new things. Like how to get rid of a lacquer layer (and don’t forget the vinegar at the end), how to make a good cooking fire, how to tie logs together to create some kind of candle (just made of wood). I really enjoyed learning all these things, though I probably won’t use them, but who knows, maybe one day! I love seeing these girls get fun camping gear and get better and better at camping. Rin is already pretty much an expert, but Nadeshiko is learning fast.

I loved that we didn’t just see Rin and Nadeshiko, but also see Chiaki and Aoi and Ena. Yes, I love our MCs the most of course. But it also a lot of fun to see other characters make their appearance and for us to see what they are up to. I just love the Outdoor Activities Club. Oh man, I wish we had clubs when we were in school. I would join that one in a heartbeat. Just like a bookclub, a creative club. OK, I would have to clone myself I guess. 😛

There is plenty of talk about food and boy I got very hungry seeing all the yummy food and food ideas pop by.

The art is still gorgeous as ever! The backgrounds, the scenery, holy wow, I wish I could see those in real life! Hopefully one day I can go to Japan!

I am curious what will be next because winter is coming and nights are becoming quite cold. Will the girls still go camping? Or will they make up other plans to visit Japan but still keep warm? Will we see Rin’s grandfather, the one who gave her her love for the outdoors? I cannot wait. Though I will take it easy on reading as I don’t want to fly through the series too fast.

Star rating, 5 stars

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