Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 15-11-2020

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 15-11-2020

Afternoon all!

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Welcome all to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates! I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

My week, was interesting. So remember last week I talked about having a fall with my e-bike? Well, my knee kept hurting so I went to the doctor, for now she thinks it is bruised/concussed (no clue what the English word for it would be, I just went to wiki to see what kneuzing would be in English 😛 ). Two weeks rest. Small walks in house. Take painkillers. And hopefully in two weeks it is better again.. otherwise I will have to go back to get checked if there is something else instead. So please, wish me well, I don’t want something worse.
So this week meant lots of sitting, something that isn’t easy to do for a girl who cannot sit still (hello, ADHD). I still made the best of the week, reading plenty, taking enough rest, while I also want to just run around, I actually have to confess it is quite nice not to have to do anything. I am also so thankful of my hubby!
Reading-wise this week was filled with books. A few DNF’s, a couple of ARCs, some books I just had to read despite them not being on my TBR pile, and also some TBR books.

What did I read from my TBR stack this week? Club Donald Duck 2 (Hilarious, funny, and so much story that I felt like I was there), Juf Ans (a new Mark van der Werf and this time about a teacher named juf Ans, fantastic/informative book), Scherven (could have been better), Tarifa (ooohhhh this one was good!), Prinses Nora (funny, and while she was spoiled at times she is also very sweet and caring, fab illustrations), Piratenzoekboek (loved the art, didn’t care about the searching, lots of info on pirates).

I tried and dropped: Loop (just not into this genre (YA dystopia) at the moment), De Jacht (while fun, I think this is a translation thing, it just didn’t work out for me), 25 gram (it was just not that interesting/little about the hedgehog), Billy Extra Plankgas (forgot this was the second book), Inkt (yawn), Winterwater (translation is a bit eh, too long descriptions, too many characters (I just want to follow dad)).

Here is a new stack! Plenty of books, though I wanted to add some more. But while libraries are going to be open next week again on Thursday/Friday, my knee needs longer rest than that, so I got to take it a bit calmer… though tell my bookworm inside that, he doesn’t like book diets 😛 .

And that is the end of this Sunday’s TBR Updates! Thanks again for reading! What is everyone reading? I hope plenty of fun books, be sure to let me know if you are hyped about a book. Have a good and safe week all!

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