Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 22-11-2020

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 22-11-2020

Afternoon all,

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Yay, happy Sunday and a warm welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates!

This was was OK, my leg is still resting but GOOD NEWS he is doing better. Not 100% yet, but slowly getting there. So that is good!
This week was mostly resting, but I also bit by bit decorated the house with the help of my hubby. Christmas time here!

What did I read from my TBR stack this week? Shoe Wars (sooooo much fun, loved reading it), Schuilen tussen de bamboe (beautiful and powerful book bringing a different perspective), Never and Forever (AMAZING WOW LOVE IT), Strandslag (interesting, plenty of suspense and twists and turns), De koning van de flat (I had so much fun reading these short stories, Marieke Smithuis did it again), Scherpschutters (OK/weird book about father and son relationship), De drinker (WTF, weird, nope, no thank you), Mano en Mano (eh, had some interesting elements but mostly not for me), Israël (gorgeous photographs, but the text was a bit plain).

I tried and dropped: Blood Moon (I got till 70/80 pages but nothing happened so I gave up), All Boys Are Blue (yeah, not my book).

Here is a brand-new stack! With Library #1 books I want to finish, some new Library #2 books, and also some physical copies I want to read. I also got some ARCs on my kindle I need to read, so I may also get to those if I can.

Thanks for reading everyone~ I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday + has a good week! Be safe! <3

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