Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 29-11-2020

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 29-11-2020

Afternoon all~

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Happy weekend all! Welcome welcome to a new shiny Sunday’s TBR Updates! Yay!

This week was pretty uneventful, though I did visit 2 libraries (#1 and #3) and brought back some new books so that was fun. My knee is going much better, though still sore and not always a happy knee.
Reading-wise, well I read plenty this week. Finished books from my pile, read some ARCs (and am now not drowning in them). It was a good week for the books.

What did I read from my TBR stack this week? Cute! (which was cute and funny), Shine (loved this one, music, romance, sisterhood, though the antagonist was just too much for me), Vlucht (great book with tons of suspense, tension, scary things up til the end), Pizazz (a bit boring and too whiny and her superpower was in no way embarrassing), Game (OMG, this was just so swoony and hot, loved it), Stad vol ballonnen (sweet, beautiful, and wonderfully written), Pinguins & Passie (OK, though at times I was just rolling my eyes),  De sandwichdief (this was funny and I love the illustrations and how they make the story), Monster Zoo (love love loved it, though not the trope it heavily featured), Daar ben je (sweet, beautiful), Cavia’s (adorable and informative though I knew most of things), Post voor Oscar (cute search and find book that I really enjoy reading, the ending was sweet).

I tried and dropped: Liefde is voor losers (meh), Vrijdag kom ik weer thuis (wasn’t happy with the MC), Just Like You (couldn’t interest me), Unadoptables (random Dutch words between English and annoying MC + friends).

Here is a new stack with library books and physical books. I cannot wait to dig into this pile of books~

That is it for this week! I hope you all had fun reading and seeing my new TBR and I hope everyone has a nice weekend. \o

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