Teaser Tuesday ~ The Loop

Teaser Tuesday ~ The Loop

Prison, Young Adult, Dystopia, Escape, Brother, Sister, Sci-Fi, The Loop, Ben Oliver, Metallic Letters, Blue,
I had Random.org select a page for me and it went with page 206.

I roll out of the way as the cell door is slammed shut by Pod and Akimi.
We all look at each other, panting in exhaustion, and then Malachai begins to laugh. Akimi joins in, followed by Pander, and then we’re all laughing and cheering and hugging.
It takes a minute for us to catch our breath.
“Alright,” Igby sighs, “what the fuck now?”
“Can we eat?”Akimi asks, “I’m actually starving. All that waiting to die and fighting, you know?”
“Seconded,” Pod says, raising his hand.

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