The Bibliophile’s Night Out Tag

The Bibliophile’s Night Out Tag

Afternoon all!

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Welcome to a new tag: The Bibliophile’s Night Out Tag! I found this one almost three months ago over at ForBooksSake. Back then I didn’t have any time in my schedule for it, but now I do! Well, OK, my schedule is still very full, but not 2 weeks full. 😛 More like 4-6 days full.

So here I finally am to do this fun looking tag!

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Pre-drinks – A prequel/novella you’ve read

Peyton's End, Girl, Sea, Cliff, Water, Blue, White Letters, Spooky, Cringy Parents, Vacation, Spooky, ghosts, Josie Jaffrey

This one is one of my most recent ones and one I quite enjoyed!

The taxi to town – A book about travel

Haha, it is a good thing I recently added a Time To Travel tag on my Goodreads and also started tagging on my blog. Bit late so not everything is there yet, but I can at least scroll through my recent reads! Here we go! In this one Hazel and Daisy travel through Egypt. One of my favourite countries, one I would love to visit, so I had lots of fun travelling along with the girls (and solving murder).

Death Sets Sail, Murder MOst Unladylike Mystery, LGBT, Mystery, Egypt, Cruise, Historical Fiction, Travel, Robin Stevens, Young Adult, Gold, Scarab, Knife, Silhouettes

Trying to find a table – A book you didn’t like to start with, but then ended up loving

Phew, that is a hard one. I am quite easy with DNF-ing a book these days, while I do have books I rate low, that is generally because something still attracts me to the book or there is something that just hooks me. However if a book really isn’t to my flavour from the start? I will just stop reading. shrugs

Kantai Collection, Girl, Shrug, Anime, GIF

First round of drinks – A first book in a series

Red, Orange, Yellow, Demon, Wings, Horns, Black Hair, Horror, Anthology, Short Stories, Paranormal, Gore, Murder, Mystery, Death, Ghosts, Twists and Turns, Under Her Black Wings: 2020 Women of Horror Anthology, Jill Girardi, Christy Aldridge, Carmen Baca, Somer Canon, Dawn DeBraal, Michelle Garza, Sharon Frame Gay, Alys Hobbs, Tina Isaacs, Stevie Kopas, Marie Lanza, Melissa Lason, Malena Salazar Macía, Charlotte Munro, Lydia Prime, Paula R.C. Readman, Copper Rose, Yolanda Sfetsos, Brandon Scott, Corinne Halbert Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai, Vol.1, Robot, Romance, Manga, Cute, Interspecies Relationship, Girl, Necklace, Ring, Marriage,

Since I want to keep this post for English books, I hope this counts. It is the first in a Women of Horror Anthology. If not, then I guess I will also list this manga series I started. I just haven’t read anything else in English that is the start of a brand-new series.

The dance floor – A book that makes you want to jump up and down with excitement

Rent a Boyfriend, Glorio Chao, Pink, White Letters, Hug, Girl, Boy, Young Adult, Romance, Cute

I will have to go with this one! I recently read this one and I am still bouncing around because of how AMAZING and FUN it was. Chloe and Drew were wonderful characters, there is family and food, culture, and so much more.

The toilets – A book you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole

OH MAN, I got quite some books I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. A lot of them are books I read the first book of and didn’t like it so won’t read the rest of the series, or where I just know the writer isn’t my kind of writer.

The first to bail – The last book you DNF’d

Phew, I don’t always keep track of that as there is plenty I try and don’t read any further. But let’s check my Goodreads DNF shelf to see what the last book was that I read quite a chunk from and didn’t like. AH this one points to the cover. That one was boring. It just seemed to go nowhere. The daytime parts made me snooze. I DNF-ed it at 42%.

A Ghost Arrives: A Novel, Abe Moss, Bird, Ghosts, Horror

The journey home – A book you can’t really remember the plot of anymore

I don’t think there is one. The plots can be moved a bit further in my brain but I generally find them back when I see the book or read the first pages. It makes re-reading difficult, but I also love it.

The morning after – A comfort read

Well, as I said re-reading isn’t easy, and with a comfort read I expect you mean something you keep coming back to as it brings comfort. I don’t really have that. But I will pick a book that made me feel happy and fluffy. This series is just one big fluffy comfort for me. It is about camping, food, friendship.

Yuru Camp, Laid-Back Camp, Manga, Girls, Camping, Campfire, Chairs, Fluffy, Comfy, Afro, Manga

♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕

And there we have it people! My answers to this delightful tag! I had tons and tons of fun doing this one. Definitely distracted me from my knee that is still hurting. Since I am not sure who did this tag and who would like to do it, I will just say that if you haven’t done this one, I would love to see you do this one! I always love reading tags and people’s answers to questions.

Thanks for reading!

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