Weekly Quote for Week 46-2020 ~ The Chase

Weekly Quote for Week 46-2020 ~ The Chase

The Chase, Briar U, Book 1, Elle Kennedy, Dual POV, University, Sports, Fashion, Hockey, New Adult, Girl, Blonde Hair, Hands“Everybody’s too stupid for Shifting Winds!” she growls. “You honestly think all those people who claim to love the series actually read the damn books? They haven’t! Because they’re fucking five thousand pages long! I tried to read the first book one time, and the dickwad author spent nine pages describing a tree. Nine pages! Those books are the worst. The absolute worst.”

2 thoughts on “Weekly Quote for Week 46-2020 ~ The Chase

    1. I know right~ I was laughing so hard when I came across this quote, it reminded me of Lord of The Rings, way too many descriptions. 😛 I hope you enjoy the book!

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